Total Attack

Total Attack: A Fun and Challenging Kids Puzzle Game

Total Attack is an exciting online puzzle game that is perfect for kids. In this game, the objective is to destroy the cubes that descend from the top of the screen using a ball located at the bottom. However, there is a catch - the ball can only destroy cubes of the same color!

The cubes in Total Attack come in two different colors: blue and red. To successfully destroy a cube, you must shoot the ball in a way that it acquires the same color as the cube. This is achieved by bouncing the ball off the side walls, which are conveniently colored blue and red.

When you shoot the ball towards a side wall, it will take on the color of that wall. For example, if you shoot the ball towards a blue wall, it will turn blue. Similarly, if you shoot it towards a red wall, it will turn red. This color transformation is crucial because it determines which cubes the ball can destroy.

To destroy a blue cube, you need a blue ball. By shooting the ball towards the blue wall, it will become blue and subsequently destroy any blue cubes it comes into contact with. On the other hand, to destroy a red cube, you must ensure that the ball is red. Shooting the ball towards the red wall will change its color, allowing it to eliminate any red cubes it encounters.

Total Attack is an incredibly addictive game that challenges players to think strategically and act quickly. As the cubes descend at an increasing speed, you must make split-second decisions on which wall to shoot the ball towards. The game requires a combination of hand-eye coordination, timing, and color recognition skills.

As you progress through the game, the difficulty level increases, adding more cubes and increasing their speed. This ramps up the challenge and keeps players engaged and motivated to improve their scores. Additionally, Total Attack features vibrant graphics and a catchy soundtrack, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

In conclusion, Total Attack is a fantastic online game for kids that combines puzzle-solving skills with fast-paced action. The goal of the game is to destroy descending cubes using a ball, but the catch is that the ball must match the color of the cube. By shooting the ball towards the blue or red walls, players can change its color to destroy the corresponding cubes. With its addictive gameplay, increasing difficulty, and appealing visuals, Total Attack offers endless hours of entertainment for young gamers.


To begin playing this game, simply tap the screen.
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