Minecraft has been one of the most popular games of all time, and its influence has been seen in various games. One such game is, an online HTML5 game featuring Minecraft graphics and various game modes. This game has been gaining popularity due to its unique features, gameplay, and exciting modes that keep players engaged for hours.

What is is an online game that takes inspiration from Minecraft, a game that has been loved by millions of players worldwide. The game features Minecraft-inspired graphics and is built using HTML5 technology. The game has various modes, including parkour, sandbox creativity, and combat, where players can choose to play as per their interests and preferences.

Game Modes

One of the unique features of is its multiple game modes. Here are the different modes you can choose to play in the game:
  1. Parkour Mode is all about running, jumping, and maneuvering through different obstacles. The mode is designed to test your speed, agility, and reflexes as you navigate through the challenging courses. The more courses you complete, the more points you earn, and the higher you climb on the leaderboard.
  2. Sandbox mode is all about creativity and imagination. In this mode, you can build anything you want using the available blocks and tools. The mode is perfect for those who want to unleash their creativity and build something unique and exciting. You can share your creations with others and even collaborate with them to build something big.
  3. Combat mode is all about battling it out with other players. The mode features various weapons and armor to choose from, and players can team up to defeat their opponents. The mode is perfect for those who love action-packed games and want to test their combat skills.

Features has several exciting features that make it stand out from other Minecraft-inspired games. Here are some of the game's notable features:
  1. HTML5 Technology is built using HTML5 technology, making it accessible to anyone with an internet connection and a web browser. This means that you can play the game on any device, including mobile phones, laptops, and tablets.
  2. Multiplayer
    The game features multiplayer modes, allowing you to play with your friends and people from all over the world. You can team up or compete against each other, depending on the mode you choose.
  3. Customization
    The game allows you to customize your character, including their skin, weapons, and armor. You can even create your own skins and share them with others.
  4. Leaderboards has leaderboards that display the top players in each mode. You can climb up the leaderboard by earning points and completing challenges.

Conclusion is a fantastic game for anyone who loves Minecraft and wants to experience something similar. The game's multiple modes, HTML5 technology, and unique features make it stand out from other games. Whether you prefer parkour, sandbox creativity, or combat, there is a mode for everyone in So why not give the game a try and see for yourself why it's gaining popularity among gamers worldwide.


Use the following controls to navigate the game:
  • Move your character: Use the WASD keys.
  • Run: Press Shift or double-tap the W key.
  • Crouch: Use C, Z, \, or Caps Lock keys.
  • Chat: Press T or Enter.
  • Open shop: Press B.
  • Start command: Use the / key.
When playing DoodleCube, use the following controls to interact with the game:
  • Place blocks: Use the right mouse button.
  • Destroy placed blocks: Use the left mouse button.
  • Switch between blocks: Use either the number keys or mouse middle button.
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