Light Bumping Cars Extreme Stunts: Bumper Car Game

Light Bumping Cars Extreme Stunts: Bumper Car Game is an online game that promises to deliver an exhilarating experience of dodging cars and demolition races. If you are a fan of extreme sports car dodging games, this game will surely amaze you with its bumper cars derby crash stunts and small electrical cars collapse mechanics.

The game offers a flat ride with powerful electric dodge cars, allowing you to speed up and engage in real bumper car crashes in a racing arena. Your objective is to dodge cars and become the derby king by completing the bump challenge in this extreme demolition bumpy ride car crash racing game.

With a vast racing arena designed specifically for whirlpool car derby 3D racing stunts, you can become the ultimate race legend of bumper car destruction. Smash and bang crazy cars in banger racing games and show off your skills offline.

The game's environment is inspired by the largest car bumper crash racing operating floor in the United States, ensuring a realistic experience. You will be able to enjoy bumper car stunts and bumper car smash in this game without the need to go to a physical bumper car driving destruction derby arena.

To win the car fight and car crash dodging games, you need to speed up your bumpy ride and destruct opponent vehicles as hard as you can in the crash drive destruction derby game. Choose your bumper car for the car crash derby racing and take control to showcase your stunt driving and car destruction skills.

Utilize sharp bumper car moves to dodge other cars in the demolition derby racing before they hit you. Even if you have never played a crash destruction dodging cars game before, this real bumper car crash game is the perfect opportunity to try it out. Good luck in your bumper car racing adventure!


To navigate, use the arrow keys or W, S, A, D keys.
Press O to turn the engine on or off.
Activate nitro by pressing F.
Switch between camera views by pressing C.
To view the back, press B.
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