US Police CyberTruck Chase

Welcome to CyberTruck Police Chase: Modern Cop Games 2020! Developed by FUN EXTREME GAMES, this online game is set to revolutionize the world of police racing games. Get ready to test your crime city gangster chase skills in our cyber truck simulator police chase games.

In CyberTruck Police Chase, you have the opportunity to drive the border patrol police car cyber truck throughout the entire city in order to chase and arrest gangsters. With different modes and levels, such as police car chase and police cop games, this game offers a variety of challenges and excitement.

One of the modes available is the Police Mode. In this mode, you assume the role of a police cop who must chase down gangsters in the crime city cop simulator. Start your police car's engine and navigate through the city at high speeds, just like in cop games and police chasing games. Complete missions in cyber truck police car games and police racing games to become a professional police cop chase games hero. With eight different levels to conquer, each with its own strategy to catch the gangsters, you must hit their cars to bring them down and destroy their vehicles with your police cyber truck.

If being a border patrol police cop doesn't interest you, there is another mode available – the Criminal Mode. In this mode, you become a criminal or gangster who must escape from the police cop and police car to reach your home. Drive the criminal car while avoiding being caught by the police in cop games or police car chase games. With eight levels of difficulty, each level presents its own unique challenges. When a cyber truck police car hits your vehicle, your power decreases. If you lose all your power, you get caught and lose the level, just like in other police car games and chasing games.

The features of US Police CyberTruck Chase: Police Chase Games include different modes with amazing police car chase levels, the excitement of running police cop chase red lights, challenging and thrilling arresting missions, the ability to customize your police cyber truck, smooth controls, HD graphics, realistic physics, and dynamic camera angles.

Download this police cyber truck police chase game now to enjoy the incredible features of police chase games. We value your feedback, so please let us know how we can improve our police games on your behalf.


To control movement, use either the arrow keys or the W, S, A, and D keys.
Press O to turn the engine on or off.
Activate the nitro by pressing F.
Change the camera view by pressing C.
Switch to the back view by pressing B.
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