Space Waves

Space Waves is an exciting arcade game that challenges players to navigate through a series of obstacles using only an arrow. With 33 levels to choose from, players have the freedom to select their preferred level of difficulty and test their skills in a variety of challenging scenarios.

Each level in Space Waves is labeled with a face to indicate its level of difficulty, allowing players to choose their own adventure and determine just how brave they're feeling. Whether you're a beginner looking for a casual gaming experience or a seasoned pro seeking a serious challenge, Space Waves has something for everyone.

As you progress through the levels, you'll encounter a wide range of obstacles that will test your reflexes and precision. From moving barriers to tight corridors, each level presents a unique set of challenges that will keep you on your toes and engaged in the gameplay.

The key to success in Space Waves is mastering the controls and learning to anticipate the movements of the obstacles. By honing your skills and staying focused, you'll be able to navigate through each level with ease and reach the end in record time.

With its intuitive gameplay mechanics and challenging levels, Space Waves offers a thrilling gaming experience that will keep you coming back for more. So grab your arrow, brace yourself for the journey ahead, and see if you have what it takes to conquer all 33 levels of Space Waves.


PC Instructions

To move up, use the left mouse button, press W or the Spacebar. Release to move down.

Mobile Instructions

Simply touch the screen to move up and release to move down.
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