Fury Dash

HTML5 Game 'Fury Dash': Explode Diamonds and Earn Points with Magical Powers!

Fury Dash is an exciting match-3 game that will keep you hooked for hours. The objective is simple yet challenging – touch groups of diamonds to make them explode and earn points. However, there's a catch – you must be quick and chain explosions to activate fury mode and unleash your magical powers!

The game's mechanics are straightforward. You are presented with a grid filled with colorful diamonds. To make them explode, simply touch groups of three or more diamonds of the same color. The larger the group, the more points you earn. But beware! If you touch a group with fewer than three diamonds, it won't explode, and you'll lose precious time.

Timing is crucial in Fury Dash. As you chain explosions in quick succession, you charge up your fury meter. Once it's full, you enter fury mode, and that's when the real fun starts! In fury mode, your magical powers come to life, allowing you to unleash devastating explosions and earn massive points.

But how do you earn even more points? The answer lies in strategic thinking and planning ahead. Look for potential chain reactions by identifying groups of diamonds that, when exploded, will lead to more groups forming and exploding. This way, you can rack up combos and maximize your score.

In addition to the addictive gameplay, Fury Dash offers stunning visuals and smooth animations, thanks to its HTML5 technology. You can enjoy the game on any device – be it a computer, tablet, or smartphone – without any additional downloads or installations. Just open your browser, load the game, and let the diamond-exploding madness begin!

To add to the excitement, Fury Dash features various power-ups and boosters. These magical items can help you clear the grid faster, earn bonus points, or even freeze time momentarily, giving you a chance to plan your next move. Utilize these power-ups wisely to climb up the leaderboard and show off your skills to friends and fellow players.

Fury Dash also offers a competitive element with its online leaderboard. Compete against players from around the world and strive to reach the top spot. Can you become the ultimate diamond destroyer and earn the title of Fury Dash champion?

So, get ready to embark on an explosive journey with Fury Dash. Test your reflexes, unleash your magical powers, and aim for the highest score. Remember, quick thinking and strategic planning are the keys to success. Play now and experience the thrill of exploding diamonds like never before!


Demonstrate your dominance in two game modes. In Time Trial mode, strive to achieve the highest score within a two-minute timeframe. In Survival mode, aim to continuously increase your score. How long can you endure?
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