Fallen Figures

In the online game Fallen Figures, players are tasked with shooting and destroying figures that fall towards them. The objective is to prevent these figures from reaching the bottom of the screen by shooting them down. However, players need to be quick and accurate, as missing too many figures will result in game over.

1. Intense Gameplay: Fallen Figures offers a fast-paced and action-packed gaming experience. Players must rely on their reflexes and precision to shoot down the falling figures before they reach the bottom of the screen.

2. Ten Lives: Players start the game with ten lives. Each time a figure reaches the bottom without being destroyed, a life is lost. It is crucial to conserve lives and aim for a high accuracy rate to prolong the game.

3. Bonuses and Achievements: Throughout the game, players have the opportunity to earn bonuses and achievements. These can be obtained by shooting down specific figures or meeting certain criteria. Bonuses and achievements provide an extra challenge and incentive for players.

4. Slow-Motion Figures: Occasionally, figures in Fallen Figures will slow down, allowing players to destroy multiple figures at once. This adds an element of strategy to the gameplay, as players need to time their shots effectively to maximize their score.

5. Linear Shooting: To ensure that no figures slip through, players are advised to shoot linearly or from left to right. This technique helps catch all the falling figures and prevent any from reaching the bottom unnoticed.

6. Increasing Difficulty: As the game progresses, the speed at which the figures fall will increase, making it more challenging for players to shoot them down. This gradual difficulty curve keeps the game engaging and tests players' skills.

7. High Score Competition: Fallen Figures provides players with the opportunity to compete for high scores. Players can aim to beat their own records or challenge friends to see who can achieve the highest score. This competitive aspect adds replay value to the game.

In conclusion, Fallen Figures is an exciting online game that tests players' shooting skills and reflexes. With its fast-paced gameplay, bonuses, achievements, and increasing difficulty, it offers a challenging and addictive experience. Shoot down the falling figures, conserve lives, earn bonuses, and aim for high scores in this thrilling game.


To aim and shoot, simply use the mouse.
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