Easter Eggs Collection

In the online game Easter Eggs Collection, the objective is to collect as many Easter eggs as possible. To start, simply press any egg on the screen. Once you've selected an egg, you can move your mouse cursor or finger tip to adjacent eggs that are identical to the one you've initially chosen. The adjacent eggs can be located horizontally, vertically, or even diagonally.

To make a match, you need to select at least three identical eggs. Once you've made your selection, release the mouse button, and the eggs will disappear, giving you points. However, every sixth egg you match will provide you with a bonus, giving you an extra advantage in the game.

If you manage to match more than seven eggs in a single move, you will receive a time bonus. This bonus will allow you to extend your gameplay time, giving you additional opportunities to collect more eggs.

The challenge lies in collecting the requested eggs within the given time limit. If you fail to collect the required eggs within the specified time, you will lose the game. The game becomes progressively more difficult as you advance, with higher levels requiring you to collect a larger number of eggs within a shorter time frame.

The question remains, what is the maximum level you can reach in this game? The answer depends on your skill, speed, and ability to strategize. With practice and determination, you may be able to reach higher levels and achieve an impressive score. So, put your egg-collecting skills to the test and see how far you can go in this exciting online game, Easter Eggs Collection.
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