Curling 2021

Curling 2021: Experience the Ultimate Thrill of the Ice Sport on Your Device

Welcome to the exciting world of Curling 2021 – an HTML5 game that brings the captivating ice sport right to your fingertips. Whether you are a curling enthusiast or a novice looking to explore a new game, Curling 2021 offers a truly immersive experience. With the ability to play the world championship, engage in a simple 8-stone curlout, or challenge a friend on the same device, this game guarantees hours of entertainment. So, prepare to slide, sweep, and strategize your way to victory in this virtual rendition of curling!

1. Understanding the Essence of Curling:

Curling is a winter sport that originated in Scotland and has grown in popularity worldwide. Played on an ice rink, the objective of the game is to slide stones across the ice towards a target area, known as the house. Curlers use brooms to sweep the ice in front of the stone, altering its path and speed. In Curling 2021, you will discover the mechanics and tactics behind this intriguing sport.

2. Exploring the World Championship:

Step into the shoes of a professional curler and experience the intensity of the World Championship in Curling 2021. Compete against AI opponents from different countries, showcasing your skills and strategic prowess. Each match offers a unique challenge, as you aim to outmaneuver your opponents and secure the coveted title of world champion. Will you be able to handle the pressure and emerge victorious?

3. Mastering the 8-Stone Curlout:

For those seeking a more casual curling experience, Curling 2021 provides the option to engage in an 8-stone curlout. This simplified version of the game allows beginners to grasp the fundamentals and practice their technique. With fewer stones in play, you can focus on honing your skills, perfecting your delivery, and understanding the nuances of stone placement. Don't be fooled by its simplicity; the 8-stone curlout can still be highly addictive and challenging!

4. Friendly Competition: Play Against a Friend:

The multiplayer feature of Curling 2021 enables you to challenge a friend to a thrilling curling match on the same device. Compete head-to-head, strategizing your moves and trying to outsmart each other. Engage in friendly banter, cheer on your winning shots, and experience the camaraderie of curling in a virtual environment. Whether you're sitting side by side or on opposite ends of the couch, this multiplayer mode guarantees unforgettable moments and friendly rivalries.

5. Curling 2021: The Visual and Auditory Experience:

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Curling 2021 through its impressive visual and auditory features. The game boasts stunning graphics, recreating the icy atmosphere of a curling rink with meticulous detail. From the glistening ice surface to the sweeping motion of the brooms, every aspect is designed to transport you to the heart of the game. Complemented by a dynamic soundtrack that intensifies with each shot, Curling 2021 allows you to fully immerse yourself in the thrilling world of curling.


Curling 2021 brings the excitement and strategic gameplay of curling directly to your device. Whether you choose to compete in the World Championship, engage in a simple 8-stone curlout, or challenge a friend, this HTML5 game offers endless hours of entertainment. Learn the intricacies of the sport, practice your skills, and experience the thrill of victory as you slide your stones towards the target. Get ready to curl like a pro and embark on a virtual curling journey like no other!


To throw the stone, use your mouse or finger. Then, curl the stone after throwing.
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