Bonbon Monsters

Bonbon Monsters: A Guide to Mastering the Puzzle Game

Bonbon Monsters is a delightful and engaging HTML5 game that challenges players to solve puzzles by feeding each blue monster a single piece of candy. This unique puzzle game introduces various monsters, each possessing a special ability that can assist you in achieving your goal. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the different monsters, their abilities, and how to cleverly utilize their gifts to triumph over the game's challenges.

Blue Monster: The Hungry One

The blue monster is the primary focus of the game. Your objective is to feed this cute creature a single piece of candy. However, the blue monster cannot move or interact with objects directly. You must rely on the other monsters to assist you in delivering the candy to the blue monster's location.

Red Monster: The Fire Breather

The red monster possesses the ability to breathe fire. By activating its special ability, the red monster can burn obstacles blocking the path to the blue monster. Strategically position the red monster near barriers to clear the way and ensure a direct path for the candy to reach the blue monster.

Green Monster: The Teleporter

The green monster has a remarkable teleportation ability. By selecting the green monster, you can choose a destination tile for it to teleport to. Utilize this power to reach inaccessible areas, bypass obstacles, or even deliver the candy directly to the blue monster if the path is clear.

Yellow Monster: The Bridge Builder

The yellow monster possesses the unique ability to construct temporary bridges. By activating its power, the yellow monster can create a bridge over gaps, enabling the candy to cross safely to the blue monster's location. Timing is crucial when utilizing this ability, as the bridges disappear after a brief duration.

Pink Monster: The Balloon Blower

The pink monster's special ability involves blowing balloons. By selecting the pink monster, you can inflate balloons that can lift objects or the candy itself. Use this ability to elevate the candy over obstacles, reach higher platforms, or move objects in the game environment to create a clear path for the candy to reach the blue monster.

Orange Monster: The Object Pusher

The orange monster possesses incredible strength, allowing it to push objects. By activating its ability, the orange monster can push obstacles or the candy itself in a straight line. Utilize this power to overcome obstacles, clear paths, or even nudge the candy towards the blue monster's location.


Bonbon Monsters is a captivating HTML5 puzzle game that challenges players to feed each blue monster a single piece of candy. By strategically utilizing the special abilities of the red, green, yellow, pink, and orange monsters, you can overcome various obstacles and guide the candy to its intended destination. Mastering the unique powers of each monster is the key to solving the game's puzzles and enjoying its charming gameplay. So, put on your thinking cap, embrace the challenge, and embark on an exciting journey through the world of Bonbon Monsters!


To consume candies, simply click on the monster.
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