1 bird 1 color 1 target

In the HTML5 game 1 Bird, 1 Color, 1 Target, players are tasked with saving hundreds of small and colorful birds that fall from the sky. The objective is to land these birds in containers that match their respective colors. As the game progresses, the birds fall faster and in greater numbers, challenging players to showcase their survival skills and collect as many birds as possible.

The game revolves around speed and requires players to quickly move the colored containers to catch the falling birds. The birds follow random trajectories, adding an element of unpredictability to the gameplay. Success in the game is determined by achieving the highest score possible.

1 Bird, 1 Color, 1 Target provides an opportunity to test and improve reflexes and the ability to anticipate the birds' movements. Players must stay alert and react swiftly to ensure the birds land safely in the appropriate containers.

The game's charming and funny little birds rely on the players to save them, creating a sense of responsibility and motivation to achieve success. By collecting as many birds as possible, players can demonstrate their prowess and establish themselves as the king of survival among their friends.

Overall, 1 Bird, 1 Color, 1 Target offers an engaging and fast-paced gaming experience. It combines elements of speed, reflexes, anticipation, and skill to create an enjoyable challenge. So, take up the mission and prove your ability to save these adorable birds!


To successfully rescue and preserve these birds, just scroll through the containers until you find the matching color for each bird. Be cautious though, as the birds will gradually increase their speed.
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