Zoo Happy Animals

In Zoo - Happy Animals, players are tasked with managing their very own virtual zoo filled with a variety of adorable animals. The game provides a realistic simulation of what it takes to run a successful zoo, from feeding and caring for the animals to keeping their habitats clean and well-maintained.

Players must carefully manage their time and resources in order to keep their animals happy and healthy. This includes making sure they are well-fed, have clean living spaces, and receive proper medical care when needed. Failure to meet these basic needs can result in unhappy animals, which can lead to decreased visitor satisfaction and ultimately, a failing zoo.

As players progress through the game, they will unlock new animals to care for and new attractions to add to their zoo. These additions not only increase the variety of animals in the zoo but also attract more visitors, leading to higher profits and a more successful zoo overall.

In addition to caring for the animals, players must also manage their zoo's finances. This includes setting prices for admission, food, and souvenirs, as well as investing in new attractions and facilities to attract more visitors. Balancing expenses with income is key to running a successful zoo and keeping it running smoothly.

Overall, Zoo - Happy Animals provides a fun and engaging experience for players who enjoy simulation games and caring for virtual animals. With its cute graphics, challenging gameplay, and variety of tasks to complete, this game is sure to provide hours of entertainment for players of all ages.


To control and move objects in the game, simply click and hold the left mouse button.
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