In the HTML5 game Stupid-Zombies, players are tasked with the challenging mission of keeping brainless zombies at bay. As humanity's last hope, you must rely on your trusty shotgun to eliminate these mindless creatures. However, be warned – ammunition is limited, so you'll need to strategize and make the most of every shot to survive the game's whopping 960 levels.

The premise of Stupid-Zombies is simple yet addictive. Armed with only a shotgun, players must navigate through various levels infested with stupid zombies. These zombies mindlessly wander around, presenting themselves as easy targets. However, with limited ammo, players must carefully plan their shots to maximize their efficiency.

To aid in this endeavor, Stupid-Zombies offers a range of ammunition types. Besides straight bullets, players can utilize grenades, split shots, and buckshots. Each ammunition type has its own unique characteristics and effects, providing diverse strategies for dealing with the hordes of zombies.

Straight bullets are the standard ammunition and are effective for taking down single zombies in a straight line. Players must aim carefully to ensure their shots hit their targets accurately. Grenades, on the other hand, explode upon impact, allowing players to clear out clusters of zombies with a single well-placed shot. This ammunition type is particularly useful when faced with groups of zombies or when aiming for environmental objects that can cause chain reactions.

Split shots are a clever addition to the game, as they divide into multiple projectiles upon impact. This ammunition is perfect for dispatching zombies who are clustered together or for hitting targets that are difficult to reach with straight bullets. Players can strategically use split shots to take out multiple zombies with a single shot, conserving precious ammo in the process.

Finally, buckshots provide a wider spread, allowing players to hit multiple targets simultaneously. This ammunition type is ideal for close-quarters combat or when dealing with zombies that move erratically. By carefully aiming and timing their shots, players can eliminate several zombies in one go, maximizing their chances of survival.

As players progress through the 960 levels of Stupid-Zombies, the game presents increasingly challenging and complex scenarios. Zombies become more resilient, and environmental obstacles may hinder the player's shots. Additionally, players must also contend with limited ammo supplies, forcing them to think strategically about which ammunition type to use in each situation.

While the game may seem straightforward at first, mastering Stupid-Zombies requires a combination of skill, timing, and clever thinking. Players must assess each level's unique layout, the positioning of the zombies, and the available ammunition to devise the most effective plan of attack. Success in the game relies on precision, accuracy, and the ability to adapt to ever-changing circumstances.

In conclusion, Stupid-Zombies is a thrilling HTML5 game that challenges players to outsmart brainless zombies with limited ammunition. With 960 levels to conquer, players must utilize straight bullets, grenades, split shots, and buckshots strategically to survive. The game's addictive gameplay, combined with its various ammunition types and increasingly challenging scenarios, ensures an engaging experience for players seeking an exciting and brain-teasing adventure.


In this thrilling challenge, it's only you against the relentless zombie hordes. Take action now to halt their furious advance before your ammunition supply is depleted.
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