PAC MAN Revenge

PAC-MAN Revenge: An Epic HTML5 Game of Survival, Strategy, and Fruit Hunting

PAC-MAN Revenge is a captivating HTML5 game that puts a twist on the classic PAC-MAN concept. In this thrilling adventure, players must defend themselves from relentless ghosts while strategically collecting fruits and enhancing their weapons. Prepare for an exhilarating journey filled with challenges, power-ups, and endless fun!

The Ghostly Threat

In PAC-MAN Revenge, players find themselves in a haunted maze filled with mischievous ghosts. These spectral foes are determined to capture the player, but fear not – PAC-MAN has a few tricks up his sleeve. As the player, your objective is to outsmart the ghosts, avoid their deadly touch, and maintain control of the maze.

Survival Strategies

To survive in PAC-MAN Revenge, it's crucial to plan your moves carefully. Observe the ghosts' patterns and predict their movements to avoid being cornered. Utilize the maze's layout to your advantage, strategically navigating through narrow paths and finding safe havens when needed. Remember, staying one step ahead is the key to victory!

Fruit Bonanza

While warding off ghosts, don't forget to savor the juicy fruits scattered throughout the maze. Collecting these delectable treats not only boosts your score but also enhances your weapon. Each fruit you devour augments your power, making it easier to fend off the relentless ghostly adversaries.

Weapon Upgrades

In PAC-MAN Revenge, your weapon evolves as you progress through the game. Devouring fruits grants you weapon upgrades, empowering you with new abilities and increased effectiveness against the ghosts. Watch as your weapon transforms from a basic defense mechanism into a formidable force, giving you the upper hand in your quest for vengeance.

Power-Ups Galore

As you navigate the maze, keep an eye out for power-ups that can turn the tide in your favor. These temporary enhancements grant you invincibility, increased speed, or other unique abilities. Utilize them strategically to escape tight situations or to hunt down the ghosts relentlessly. Mixing these power-ups with your upgraded weapon creates an unbeatable combination!

Challenging Mazes

PAC-MAN Revenge features an array of intricate mazes that keep you on your toes. Each level introduces new twists and turns, making every playthrough a fresh experience. As you progress, the mazes become more intricate, and the ghosts more cunning. Adaptability and quick thinking are essential to conquer the ever-challenging levels.

Compete for High Scores

Challenge your friends and players from around the world as you compete for the highest score in PAC-MAN Revenge. Show off your strategic prowess, fruit-hunting skills, and ghost-dodging abilities. Climb the leaderboard and become the ultimate PAC-MAN champion!


PAC-MAN Revenge is a captivating HTML5 game that breathes new life into the iconic PAC-MAN franchise. With its unique blend of survival, strategy, and fruit hunting, this game offers endless hours of entertainment. Defend yourself from relentless ghosts, collect fruits to enhance your weapon, and strategize your way through challenging mazes. Prepare for an addictive gaming experience that will leave you craving more PAC-MAN revenge!


Use the WASD keys to move and control your character. Move the mouse to change the direction or aim.
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