M13n Miniaturization

In M13n: Miniaturization, players will find themselves embarking on a unique clicker game experience unlike any other. Instead of trying to increase numbers, the challenge here lies in making them smaller. Your primary objective is to sell as many units as possible within a fixed container size.

To achieve this goal, players must sell shipments to earn money and whack units to decrease their size. This process may seem simple at first, but as you progress, you will need to strategize and plan ahead to optimize your sales and minimize unit size effectively.

One of the key features of M13n: Miniaturization is the ability to conduct research. This allows players to set a theoretical minimum size for their units, giving them a target to work towards. By continuously researching and upgrading, players can push the boundaries of how small their units can become, ultimately increasing their profits and success in the game.

As you reach certain milestones, you will have the opportunity to hire salespeople, engineers, and researchers to assist you in your journey. These idle workers will help automate processes, allowing you to focus on more strategic decisions to drive your business forward.

Overall, M13n: Miniaturization offers a refreshing and engaging gameplay experience for players looking for a new challenge. With its unique concept and strategic gameplay elements, this clicker game is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end. So jump in, start shrinking those units, and watch your business thrive in this exciting online game.
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