King Kong Hero

The Ultimate HTML5 Game Challenge

Are you looking for the ultimate HTML5 game to tackle? Look no further than King Kong Hero! With 4 worlds and 36 levels, this game will put your skills to the test. And if that's not enough, you'll also face 4 big bosses on your way to victory.

The premise of King Kong Hero is simple: you play as the legendary King Kong, tasked with saving your home from a group of invading humans. To do so, you'll need to navigate through various worlds, each with its own set of challenges.

World 1: Jungle

The first world you'll encounter is the Jungle. This lush and vibrant environment is filled with obstacles like potholes, vines, and traps that you'll need to jump over or avoid. You'll also need to use your strength to move obstacles out of your way and clear a path forward.

World 2: City

In the second world, you'll find yourself in the heart of a bustling city. Here, you'll need to navigate through busy streets, jumping over cars and dodging obstacles like scaffolding and construction sites. You'll also need to be on the lookout for pesky humans who are trying to capture you and take you down.

World 3: Volcano

Things really start to heat up in the third world, as you make your way to a fiery volcano. Here, you'll need to navigate through a treacherous landscape filled with lava and volcanic rock. You'll also need to avoid falling debris and dodge fireballs from the erupting volcano.

World 4: Outer Space

The final world of King Kong Hero takes you to outer space, where you'll need to cope with the challenges of zero gravity. You'll need to jump over floating space debris and avoid obstacles like black holes and meteor showers.

Each of these worlds contains 9 unique levels, each more challenging than the last. And at the end of each world, you'll face off against a big boss. These bosses include a giant snake, a helicopter, a robot, and a tank, each with its own set of tactics and challenges.

To succeed in King Kong Hero, you'll need to master the game's controls, which include jumping, grabbing, throwing, and climbing. You'll also need to use your problem-solving skills to navigate through each level, taking advantage of your surroundings and using your strength to your advantage.

So, are you ready to take on the ultimate HTML5 game challenge? King Kong Hero is waiting for you!


To move left, press A. To move right, press D. To jump, press Space. To shoot, press F. Alternatively, you can use screen controls.
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