Jurassic World Run

In the thrilling online game 'Jurassic World Run,' players find themselves immersed in the dangerous and exhilarating world of dinosaurs. However, an unexpected accident has occurred, resulting in all the dinosaurs escaping their enclosures. Now, these prehistoric creatures are on the loose and hungry for prey, with you as their potential meal. Your only hope for survival is to run away using a simple stick as your weapon of choice.

As you find yourself trapped in the Jurassic world, the importance of quick thinking and resourcefulness becomes paramount. Despite lacking traditional weapons or advanced technology, the stick can prove to be a valuable tool in your escape plan. Here's how you can effectively utilize it:

1. Improvised Weapon: While a stick may not seem like a formidable weapon against dinosaurs, it can be used for defense. Use the stick to keep the dinosaurs at a safe distance by jabbing or swinging it towards them. Aim for sensitive areas such as their eyes or vulnerable spots to deter them from attacking.

2. Distraction: The stick can also serve as a distraction tool. By throwing it in a different direction, you can divert the attention of the pursuing dinosaurs, giving you a precious moment to gain distance and plan your next move.

3. Obstacle Creation: As you navigate through the treacherous terrain, use the stick to create obstacles that impede the dinosaurs' progress. For example, placing the stick between two trees or wedging it into a crevice can slow down or even temporarily halt their pursuit.

4. Camouflage: In addition to its offensive and defensive capabilities, the stick can aid in camouflage. By attaching foliage or branches to the stick, you can blend in with the surroundings, making it harder for the dinosaurs to detect your presence and ensuring a safer escape.

5. Survival Tool: Apart from its use as a weapon, the stick can fulfill various survival needs. It can be used to gather food, build makeshift shelter, or even start a fire. As you explore the Jurassic world, your stick becomes a versatile tool for meeting your basic needs and increasing your chances of survival.

Remember, the key to surviving in 'Jurassic World Run' lies in your ability to think quickly and adapt to the ever-changing circumstances. While the stick may seem like an unconventional choice, with resourcefulness and ingenuity, it can become a crucial lifeline in your quest for safety.

Embark on this thrilling adventure, harness the power of the stick, and outsmart the dinosaurs to secure your survival in the perilous Jurassic world of 'Jurassic World Run.'


To perform this task, follow these steps:

1. Begin by clicking on the screen.
2. Next, stretch the stick by pulling it.
3. After stretching, release the stick.
4. Place the stick down on the other end of the cliff.
5. Make sure to avoid being eaten by dinosaurs during this process.
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