Hearts Classic

In Hearts: Classic, the objective of the game is to score as few points as possible. This is achieved by avoiding certain cards, such as the Queen of Spades and any hearts, which are worth points when played.

The game begins with each player being dealt 13 cards. The player with the 2 of Clubs starts the game by playing that card. The other players must then follow suit if they can, otherwise they can play any card in their hand.

Once all players have played a card, the player with the highest ranking card of the suit led wins the trick and leads the next trick. However, players cannot lead with a heart until a heart has been played in a previous trick or the Queen of Spades has been played.

Players must strategically decide which cards to play in order to avoid taking tricks with hearts or the Queen of Spades. This requires careful planning and observation of the cards played by other players.

If a player manages to take all 13 hearts and the Queen of Spades, they have shot the moon and all other players receive 26 points while the shooter receives 0 points. This can be a risky but rewarding strategy if executed successfully.

As the game progresses, players must keep track of which cards have been played and adjust their strategy accordingly. This requires a combination of skill, luck, and strategic thinking in order to outsmart opponents and avoid accumulating points.

Hearts: Classic is a challenging and engaging game that requires both skill and strategy to succeed. Whether you are a seasoned player or new to the game, there is always room for improvement and new tactics to try. So gather your friends and start playing Hearts: Classic today!
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