Heart Stars

Heart Star is an exciting puzzle game that has been developed by Adventure Islands. This game allows players to embark on a journey where they can change the world around them. The objective of Heart Star is simple yet challenging – players must control two characters and guide them to the end zone in each level by manipulating game objects that are associated with their respective colors.

One of the unique features of Heart Star is the ability to switch between a girl and a boy character. This switch enables players to move carefully and strategically, making it easier to overcome obstacles and navigate through the levels. By utilizing teamwork and mastering each level, players can progress through the game and unlock new challenges.

The gameplay of Heart Star revolves around solving puzzles and utilizing the distinctive abilities of the two characters. The girl can walk on pink tiles and activate pink switches, while the boy can do the same with blue tiles and switches. This dynamic interaction between the characters and the environment adds depth to the gameplay and requires players to think strategically about their every move.

As players progress through Heart Star, they will encounter various obstacles and challenges that will test their problem-solving skills. They will need to carefully plan their movements and utilize the unique abilities of each character to overcome these hurdles. The game gradually introduces new elements and mechanics, ensuring that the gameplay remains fresh and engaging throughout.

Heart Star features a charming and vibrant pixel art style that adds to the overall appeal of the game. The levels are intricately designed, with attention to detail and cleverly placed obstacles. The background music is catchy and complements the gameplay, further enhancing the immersive experience.

In addition to the main levels, Heart Star also offers bonus levels that provide additional challenges for players to conquer. These bonus levels are optional but offer rewards for those who are up for the challenge. They add replay value to the game and allow players to further test their skills.

Heart Star is available as an online game, making it easily accessible to players across different platforms. Whether you're playing on a computer or a mobile device, you can enjoy the immersive puzzle-solving experience that Heart Star offers.

Overall, Heart Star is a captivating puzzle game that stands out for its unique gameplay mechanics and charming art style. With its challenging levels, teamwork-based gameplay, and the ability to change the world around you, Heart Star is sure to provide hours of entertainment for puzzle enthusiasts. So, are you ready to embark on an exciting journey and conquer the puzzles in Heart Star?


To move, use either the WASD keys or the Arrow keys.

To swap characters, press the C key.

To jump, press the X key.
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