Hand Skin Doctor - Hospital Game

Restore the Beauty of a Horribly Damaged Hand

Have you ever come across a hand that looks incredibly horrible? Well, there's no need to despair. In the HTML5 game Hand Skin Doctor - Hospital Game, this game challenges your skills as a medical professional to restore the beauty of a traumatized hand. Embark on this intriguing journey where you play the role of a hand skin doctor, utilizing your medical prowess to bring back its natural radiance. Get ready to jump into action and save the day!

Assess the Situation:

Upon encountering the horribly damaged hand, your first task is to assess the situation. Use your keen observation skills to examine the extent of the injuries inflicted on the hand's skin. Look out for cuts, bruises, burns, or any other visible damage. Remember, a thorough examination is crucial for determining the appropriate treatment methods.

Cleaning and Sterilization:

The next step involves cleaning and sterilizing the hand. In the game, you will be provided with all the necessary tools and equipment required for this process. Remove any dirt, debris, or foreign particles present on the injured area. Disinfect the wounds using antiseptic solutions to eliminate bacteria and prevent infection. Remember to pay attention to every nook and cranny of the hand to ensure a thorough cleaning.

Wound Treatment and Dressing:

For each specific type of injury, different treatments may be required. In the game, you will learn how to apply effective wound dressings that promote the healing process. Deeper wounds may require stitches, while less severe cuts can be treated with adhesive bandages. Take your time and be meticulous with your approach, as precision is key to achieving optimal results.

Pain Management:

Treating injuries on the hand can be quite painful for the patient. As a hand skin doctor, it is your responsibility to ensure the comfort of the patient throughout the game. Administer pain relief medications to alleviate their discomfort and create a soothing environment. Remember to offer words of encouragement during the process to boost the patient's morale.

Moisturization and Protection:

Once the wounds are treated, it's time to focus on restoring the hand's natural beauty. In the game, you will learn about the importance of moisturizing the skin and protecting it from further damage. Apply specialized creams and lotions that aid in the healing process, promote skin rejuvenation, and prevent scarring. Encourage the patient to maintain good hand hygiene to support the recovery process.

Follow-Up Care:

Even after the treatment is complete, the healing journey continues. In the game, you will encounter follow-up care scenarios where you need to ensure the patient's progress. Assess the healing process, remove stitches if necessary, and provide recommendations for further care. Educate the patient on the importance of regular check-ups and proper hand care techniques to avoid future injuries.


Hand Skin Doctor - Hospital Game is an engaging HTML5 game that allows you to showcase your medical skills and save a horribly damaged hand. Through a series of interactive challenges, you will learn the crucial steps involved in treating and restoring the hand's beauty. So, put on your virtual lab coat and get ready to embark on this exciting journey to rescue the hand from its distressing state. Your expertise and knowledge will undoubtedly make a remarkable difference in the virtual world of hand skin care.


Welcome to the Hand Doctor game, where you will embark on a special mission to heal the hand injuries of your accident-prone patients. Get ready to experience an amazing virtual surgery that will transport you into the role of a real doctor in a hospital.
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