Fruit Fever

HTML5 Game 'Fruit Fever': A Sweet and Addictive Adventure

Step into the colorful and delicious world of 'Fruit Fever,' an HTML5 game that will keep you entertained for hours on end. Get ready to swipe and match 3 or more adjacent fruit candies to complete missions and clear levels. With powerful combos, awesome gifts, and the chance to compete with friends for the highest score, 'Fruit Fever' is the ultimate gaming experience for fruit lovers and puzzle enthusiasts alike.


The objective of 'Fruit Fever' is simple yet captivating. Your task is to swipe fruits on the game board to create matches of three or more. Each level presents unique missions that you must complete within a limited number of moves. These missions can range from collecting a certain number of specific fruits to clearing obstacles by making matches adjacent to them.

To create a match, simply swipe a fruit horizontally or vertically to swap it with an adjacent one. As the fruits fall into place, matches are formed, and the candies explode, allowing new fruits to take their place. The more fruits you match in a single swipe, the more powerful combos you can create.

Combos and Explosions

Creating powerful combos is the key to success in 'Fruit Fever.' Match four or more fruits to create special candies that have unique abilities. For example, a match of four fruits creates a striped candy that can clear an entire row or column when swapped. Matching five fruits in an L or T shape creates a wrapped candy that can explode and clear a significant area of the game board.

However, the ultimate combo is the color bomb. This special candy is created by matching five fruits in a row or column. When swapped with any other fruit, the color bomb explodes, clearing all fruits of that color from the board. Using these powerful combos strategically can help you complete missions quickly and gain extra points.

Gifts and Rewards

Throughout your 'Fruit Fever' journey, you will encounter various gifts and rewards. These can include booster candies that help you clear specific obstacles or additional moves to extend your gameplay. By completing levels and achieving high scores, you can unlock new levels, boosters, and even additional game modes for added variety and challenge.

Playing with Friends

'Fruit Fever' also offers a social element, allowing you to connect with friends and compete for the highest score. Challenge your friends and see who can reach the top of the leaderboard. Share your achievements and progress on social media platforms, inviting others to join in the fruity fun.


'Fruit Fever' is an addictive HTML5 game that combines the excitement of swiping and matching with the delightful world of fruits. With its challenging missions, powerful combos, and the opportunity to compete with friends, this game is a must-play for anyone looking for a sweet and entertaining adventure. So, grab your device, start swiping, and get ready to immerse yourself in the fruity frenzy of 'Fruit Fever.'


To make a match, either swipe on your device's screen or use the mouse if you are on a desktop computer.
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