Frogs Matching

In the online game Frogs Matching, the objective is to slide a row of candies either horizontally or vertically to form a line of three or more similar frogs. Whether you're using a mouse or your fingertip, you have the power to manipulate the rows and make strategic moves to progress through the levels.

As a time-bound game, Frogs Matching adds an extra layer of excitement and challenge. You must think quickly and act fast to complete as many levels as possible within the given time frame. The game tests your ability to make swift decisions and plan ahead, as you aim to create the longest rows of matching frogs.

The key to success in Frogs Matching lies in observing the board and identifying potential matches. Look for rows with similar frogs and envision how they could align to create a line of three or more. Once you spot a potential move, slide the row in the direction that will bring the frogs together.

To maximize your score and progress through the levels efficiently, consider creating chain reactions. By strategically positioning your moves, you can set off a series of matches that will earn you bonus points and potentially clear the board faster. Keep an eye out for opportunities to create cascades of matches, as they can significantly boost your score and help you advance in the game.

In addition to matching frogs, be on the lookout for special power-ups or boosters that may appear on the board. These power-ups can offer valuable advantages, such as removing specific frogs or clearing entire rows or columns. Utilize them strategically to eliminate obstacles and create more opportunities for matches.

Remember, time is of the essence in Frogs Matching. Stay focused and maintain a quick pace to complete as many levels as possible within the given time limit. Sharpen your observation skills, plan your moves wisely, and embrace the challenge of this addictive and entertaining game. How far can you go?


To slide the block rows and columns, simply use your mouse or fingertip.
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