Draw Bridge Racer

Take on the ultimate challenge of drawing a bridge and racing with Draw Bridge Racer! Play now and get ready to test your skills on your mobile device. Unleash your inner artist and work in collaboration with your racing instincts.

In Draw Bridge Racer, you have the power to create your own custom bridge for your cars to race on. Using the HTML5 platform, the game allows you to use your creativity and imagination to come up with unique and exciting bridge designs that will put your racing skills to the test. You can use different colors, shapes, and sizes to build the perfect bridge that suits your taste and style.

Once you have created your bridge, the game begins. You can choose from a variety of cars to race on your new bridge, each with different attributes that will affect the way they perform on the track. As you race, you must watch out for obstacles, sharp turns, and narrow lanes that could cause you to fall off the track and lose the race.

The game features an intuitive interface that allows you to control your car with precision and ease. You can use the arrows on the screen to move your car left or right, or you can use the accelerometer on your phone to control the car's movements by tilting your device. This gives the game a more immersive feel, making you feel like you are truly driving the car on your very own bridge.

Aside from building and racing, the game also features a leader board where you can compete against other players from around the world to see who can build the best bridge and finish the race in the shortest amount of time. This adds a new level of challenge to the game and makes it more fun and competitive for everyone.

Overall, Draw Bridge Racer is a unique and exciting game that combines creativity, racing, and competition in one. It provides endless hours of entertainment for players of all ages, and it is perfect for those who love to design, build, and race their own creations. So why wait? Download the game now and take on the challenge of building and racing on your very own drawbridge. You won't regret it!


Create a bridge and guide the car over the edge to reach the dashed flag.
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