Daddy Rabbit Zombie Farm

Daddy Rabbit Zombie Farm: A Thrilling Adventure in Bunny Parenthood

Welcome to the exciting world of Daddy Rabbit Zombie Farm, an HTML5 game that combines cute bunnies, zombie-filled challenges, and farm management. In this unique gaming experience, players step into the paws of a devoted rabbit dad who must protect and nurture his adorable baby bunnies while battling hordes of menacing zombies. Get ready for an adrenaline-filled journey through an incredible underground burrow farm like no other!

Chapter 1: Meet Daddy Rabbit

Our protagonist, Daddy Rabbit, is a charming and caring father who will do whatever it takes to provide a safe and nurturing environment for his little ones. As players control Daddy Rabbit, they'll experience the joys and challenges of parenthood while exploring the vast underground farm. With his floppy ears and determined spirit, Daddy Rabbit is a character that players will quickly grow to love.

Chapter 2: The Incredible Burrow Farm

Descending into the underground burrow farm, players will be amazed by its beauty and complexity. The farm is a vibrant ecosystem filled with lush vegetation, vibrant flowers, and a variety of crops that need tending. As Daddy Rabbit, players will be responsible for planting and harvesting crops to feed their growing bunny family.

Chapter 3: Protecting the Baby Bunnies

While taking care of the farm, Daddy Rabbit must also defend his little ones from the zombie menace. Zombies in this game are not fans of crying baby rabbits, so players must be on high alert. Armed with various weapons and power-ups, Daddy Rabbit must eliminate the zombies before they harm the baby bunnies. This thrilling gameplay element adds an exciting twist to the traditional farming simulator genre.

Chapter 4: The Zombie Apocalypse

As players progress through the game, they'll encounter increasingly challenging zombie waves. From slow-moving, brain-craving zombies to fast and elusive undead creatures, Daddy Rabbit must stay one hop ahead of the horde. Collecting power-ups, upgrading weapons, and strategizing for each level will be crucial to survival.

Chapter 5: Farm Management and Customization

Beyond battling zombies, players will have the opportunity to manage and customize their burrow farm. They can expand the underground tunnels, build new structures, and decorate the farm with various props. Additionally, players can unlock and upgrade new farming tools and equipment to optimize crop production and bunny care.

Chapter 6: Unlocking New Levels and Challenges

Daddy Rabbit Zombie Farm offers a progression system that rewards players with new levels, challenges, and environments as they advance. From exploring new burrow sections to unlocking secret areas, players will constantly be motivated to delve deeper into the farm's mysteries. Each level presents unique puzzles, objectives, and rewards, making the game an engaging and immersive experience.


Daddy Rabbit Zombie Farm is an exceptional HTML5 game that combines the excitement of battling zombies with the tenderness of parenthood and the challenges of farm management. With its captivating storyline, stunning visuals, and addictive gameplay, this game provides a truly unique and immersive gaming experience. So, gather your courage, sharpen your gardening tools, and join Daddy Rabbit on his epic adventure to protect his baby bunnies from the zombie horde. Get ready for a thrilling and heartwarming journey underground!


To navigate the burrow, simply click on any location within the tunnel where you wish to proceed. Use the space bar to shoot carrots.
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