Crime City Robbery Thief Games

Crime City Robbery Thief Games is an electrifying experience where you step into the role of a cunning sneak thief in a bustling metropolis. Navigate the gritty streets, outsmart law enforcement, and build your criminal empire. Explore a realistic cityscape, plan daring escapes, and recruit a skilled crew to execute larger heists. Evade police, solve puzzles, and rise through the ranks to become the feared mastermind of the underworld. Compete with others in this dynamic open-world environment and strive for criminal success. Are you ready to embark on the ultimate life of crime?



  • W = Forward
  • D = Move Right
  • A = Move Left
  • U = Punch
  • J = Kick
  • I = Fire Ball Attack
  • L = Axe Attack
  • K = Jump Attack
  • O = Clap Attack
  • Shift = Sprint
  • E = Equip
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