Ben 10 Escape Route

In the online game Ben 10 Escape Route, players are tasked with assisting the beloved hero, Ben 10, in finding a way out of a building he is trapped in. This game presents a new mission for players to undertake and showcases Ben 10's determination to reunite with his grandfather.

The game begins with Ben 10 facing a challenging situation where he is unable to escape the building on his own. He needs to construct a route to navigate through the various obstacles and reach the exit. As players, our role is crucial in guiding Ben 10 towards his goal.

Despite possessing extraordinary superpowers, Ben 10 cannot rely solely on them to overcome the obstacles in his path. This is where our assistance becomes vital. By utilizing our skills and strategic thinking, we can help Ben 10 find the best way out and reunite with his family.

The gameplay of Ben 10 Escape Route is designed using HTML5 technology, ensuring a seamless and immersive experience for players. This technology allows for smooth graphics, responsive controls, and overall enjoyable gameplay.

To play the game, visit, where you can access a wide range of HTML5 games, including Ben 10 Escape Route. Immerse yourself in this thrilling adventure and help Ben 10 find his escape route. Remember, you hold the power to make a difference and be the hero Ben 10 needs to see his family again.


Welcome to the game! Your objective is to create laser routes for Ben 10, guiding him towards the exit gate. The level will be considered complete once Ben safely reaches the exit gate. Your task is to construct the optimal route for your friend who is being held hostage.
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