Army Truck Car Transport Game

Army Truck Car Transport Game is an online game that allows players to experience the thrill of being a real transporter. With the ability to drive army tanks, cargo airplanes, and military cars, players can become the best army vehicle transporter in this exciting game.

The game features two challenging modes of transportation: Cruise Ship Transport and Airplane Transporter.

In Cruise Ship Transport mode, players are required to load war tanks and army cars onto an 18-wheeler truck and drive it to the cruise port. Once at the port, players must park the cargo truck and unload all the military vehicles. The next task is to drive the military tanks and army cars onto the cruise ship, providing an immersive experience in cruise ship games.

After successfully completing the Cruise Ship Transport mode, players can enjoy the next challenge in Airplane Transporter mode. In this mode, players start the engine of a heavy trailer and load the army tank and military cars onto the truck simulator. Carefully driving to the new city airport, players must park the loaded truck in the designated parking area of the new army airport. From there, players become plane pilots, flying cargo planes from one city to another. The task of landing the plane at the airport runway adds to the realism of the best flight simulator games.

As players progress through the game, they can enjoy driving the 18-wheeler transporter truck, experiencing the intricacies of truck logistics and career cruising. With a variety of vehicles to transport, players can become the best transport simulator and legendary driver of the year 2020.

US Army Car Transport Cruise Ship Simulator 2020 offers an immersive and realistic gaming experience for those who enjoy simulation games. With its challenging gameplay and multiple vehicle options, this game is sure to provide hours of entertainment for players. So, jump into this amazing transporter game and become the ultimate army vehicle transporter today!


To navigate, use the arrow keys or the W, S, A, and D keys.
Turn the engine on or off by pressing O.
Activate the nitro by pressing F.
Change the camera by pressing C.
View from the back by pressing B.
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