Amongus Escape

Amongus Escape: Survive the Imposter's Wrath in the Deep Space Odyssey

Embark on a thrilling interstellar adventure with the HTML5 game 'Amongus Escape'. In this gripping tale, you find yourself trapped in a space station with a fearsome imposter lurking among the crew. Swiftly, you make your escape using the last remaining space shuttle. Now, your mission is to survive by skillfully maintaining the space shuttle's crucial systems, ensuring you last as long as possible while evading the imposter's relentless pursuit. Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping race against time!

The Tale of Betrayal:

The year is 2050, and humanity has successfully colonized distant planets. But one fateful day, an imposter infiltrates your space station. Chaos ensues as crew members are eliminated, their innocence thrown into doubt. Amidst this crisis, you identify the imposter and manage to escape from the doomed station on the last operational space shuttle. However, your journey is far from over – the imposter is relentless, and survival depends on your ability to repair and maintain the shuttle's essential systems.

Engines: The Heart of Your Escape:

The space shuttle's engines are vital for your survival. They propel you through the cosmos, evading the pursuing imposter. Be vigilant about fuel levels and make timely repairs to ensure smooth navigation. Collect fuel cells scattered in space, and always have a backup plan in case of engine failures.

Electricals: Power Up Your Systems:

Electrical systems keep the space shuttle and its life support systems functioning properly. Repair electrical circuits, restore connectivity, and keep track of power levels. Losing power may disrupt life support and create precarious situations, so make sure to prioritize electrical repairs.

Gravity: Keep Both Feet on the Ground:

Artificial gravity systems simulate Earth's gravity within the shuttle. Without it, crewmembers could float aimlessly or collide with objects, endangering their lives. Focus on restoring gravity areas as you travel to different regions of the galaxy, ensuring the safety of everyone on board.

Oxygen: Breath of Life:

In space, oxygen is a lifeline. Monitor oxygen levels carefully and repair any leaks immediately to maintain a breathable atmosphere. Explore nearby planets, collect oxygen canisters, and strategically utilize available resources to sustain life support systems.


In Amongus Escape, the HTML5 game, your survival depends on your wit, reflexes, and ability to maintain the space shuttle's crucial systems. As you navigate through the vastness of space, the imposter relentlessly pursues you. Repair engines, electricals, gravity, and oxygen systems to keep the shuttle operational and outsmart your adversary. How long can you survive? Only time will tell. Enter the universe of Amongus Escape and embark on an extraordinary journey that tests your skills, courage, and strategic thinking in the face of imminent danger. May the stars be on your side!


To move, you can utilize the WASD or Arrow keys, or simply tap on the screen. In order to fix a system, press the Space key or click/tap on the Use button.
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