Always Green

Always Green is an HTML5 game that brings simplicity, excitement, and challenge to your fingertips. With its fast-paced gameplay and the requirement for quick reflexes, this game will put your attentiveness and finger dexterity to the test. The objective is straightforward - touch the green key at all times. Any misstep will result in the game being over, so be prepared for an exhilarating and intense experience. Are you ready to prove your skills and conquer the challenge?


The gameplay of Always Green revolves around a simple yet engaging concept. A list of positions is displayed on the screen, and your task is to touch the green key at all times. The positions change rapidly, challenging your ability to react swiftly. The game tests your reflexes as you need to accurately identify and touch the correct key among a constantly shifting array of positions.    
The challenge lies in maintaining your focus and agility, as any mistake or delay will bring the game to an end. The fast game rhythm keeps you on your toes, creating an adrenaline-filled experience that keeps you coming back for more.    


  1. List of positions: Always Green provides a clear and easily visible list of positions on the screen. This allows you to quickly identify the location of the green key and make accurate touches. The list updates rapidly, adding to the challenge and excitement of the game.
  2. Unlock achievements: As you progress through the game, you have the opportunity to unlock various achievements. These achievements serve as milestones, showcasing your progress and skill level. Can you unlock them all and become a true master of Always Green?
  3. Fast game rhythm: Always Green is designed to keep your heart racing with its fast-paced gameplay. The positions change rapidly, demanding quick reactions and split-second decision-making. The game rhythm ensures that you are always engaged and immersed in the thrilling action.
  4. Optimized for high performance: Always Green is built using HTML5 technology, making it optimized for high performance across different devices and platforms. Whether you are playing on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, the game runs smoothly and efficiently, providing a seamless gaming experience.
  5. Simple and intuitive gameplay: The simplicity of Always Green is one of its greatest strengths. The mechanics are easy to grasp, allowing players of all ages and skill levels to enjoy the game. The intuitive controls ensure that you can focus on the challenge at hand without any distractions or complications.
  6. Engaging and addictive experience: Always Green's combination of simplicity, challenge, and fast-paced gameplay creates an engaging and addictive experience. The constant need for attentiveness and quick reflexes keeps you hooked, making it difficult to put the game down. With each attempt, you strive to improve your score and beat your previous records, fostering a sense of accomplishment and driving you to keep playing.


Always Green is a thrilling HTML5 game that tests your attentiveness and finger dexterity. With its simple yet engaging gameplay, fast game rhythm, and optimized performance, it offers an addictive and challenging experience. Can you maintain your focus and touch the green key at all times? Take on the challenge and find out. Play Always Green and see if you have what it takes to conquer this exciting game.
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