Zumba Ocean

Zumba Ocean is an exciting online game that offers players over 59 levels of fun and entertainment. Designed for both boys and girls, this game follows the same gameplay mechanics as the popular Zuma series of arcade puzzle games, featuring bottles and diamond models.

In Zumba Ocean, players are tasked with destroying all the jewels in the chain and achieving the marked scores at each level. The game follows the classic match 3 rules, where players must strategically match three or more jewels of the same color to eliminate them from the chain.

The objective of each level is to clear the board of all the jewels before they reach the end of the chain. Players must think quickly and plan their moves carefully to prevent the chain from reaching its destination. As the levels progress, the difficulty increases, making it more challenging and engaging for players.

One of the key aspects of Zumba Ocean is the scoring system. Players are rewarded with points based on their performance and the number of jewels they eliminate in a single move. The higher the score, the more stars players can earn for that particular level. The ultimate goal is to achieve three stars on all levels, showcasing your mastery of the game and completing all targets.

Zumba Ocean offers a thrilling and addictive gameplay experience for players of all ages. Its colorful visuals and engaging sound effects create an immersive environment that keeps players hooked for hours. The game can be accessed online at superkidgames.com, where players can also explore a wide variety of other games and choose the one that suits their preferences.

So, if you're looking for a captivating online game to test your puzzle-solving skills, Zumba Ocean is the perfect choice. Dive into the ocean-themed adventure, destroy those jewels, and aim to conquer all 59 levels. Get ready for an exciting journey filled with challenges and fun!


In order to remove gems, you need to match at least three gems of the same color. Make sure to eliminate all the gems in the chain before it reaches the end.
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