What Is Wrong 2

What Is Wrong 2: A Challenging Online Game

What Is Wrong 2 is an exciting online game that puts your observation skills to the test. In each level of the game, you will be presented with a picture, and your task is to identify the one thing that logically shouldn't be there. With a total of 12 levels, this game provides hours of entertainment and challenges your ability to spot the smallest details. Let's dive into the world of What Is Wrong 2 and discover the wrong items in each level.

Level 1: The picture showcases a serene park scene, but upon closer inspection, you'll notice a flying saucer hovering above the trees. Alien invasion or just a glitch in the matrix? Your objective is to identify the UFO in this otherwise peaceful landscape.

Level 2: This level takes you to a bustling city street, but something seems out of place. Look beyond the sea of people and cars, and you'll find a penguin waddling along the sidewalk. How did this adorable creature find its way into the urban jungle?

Level 3: Here, you'll find yourself inside a cozy living room. However, among the familiar furniture and decorations, a zebra has found its way onto the couch. How did this wild animal end up in such a domestic setting?

Level 4: Prepare for an underwater adventure in level four. As you explore the depths of the ocean, you'll find a school of fish swimming harmoniously, except for one outlier—a shark disguised as a fish. Can you spot the predator in disguise?

Level 5: The next level transports you to a mystical forest. Amidst the towering trees and magical creatures, a snowman stands out. How did this frosty friend survive in such a warm and vibrant environment?

Level 6: In this level, you find yourself in a busy office. Amid the usual office supplies and diligent workers, a potted plant has transformed into a giant cactus. How did this prickly plant manage to infiltrate the professional workspace?

Level 7: Get ready for an adventure in the desert. Amongst the vast sand dunes and camels, a penguin is trying to blend in. How did this flightless bird find itself in such an inhospitable environment?

Level 8: This level takes you to a medieval castle, but something feels out of place. Amongst knights and princesses, a spaceship has landed on the castle walls. How did this advanced technology emerge in a time of castles and dragons?

Level 9: Explore the wonders of the rainforest in this level. Amidst the lush greenery and exotic animals, a penguin is enjoying the tropical climate. How did this chilly bird adapt to the humid rainforest?

Level 10: Prepare to dive into the world of outer space. As you float amongst the stars, you'll notice a cow grazing on a distant planet. How did this terrestrial animal find its way to the infinite expanse of the universe?

Level 11: This level takes you to a peaceful farm, but something peculiar is happening. Amongst the farm animals, a penguin is enjoying the rural setting. How did this Antarctic resident find itself in the midst of farmland?

Level 12: In the final level, you find yourself exploring an ancient Egyptian tomb. Amongst the hieroglyphics and mysterious artifacts, a penguin is curiously exploring the tomb. How did this chilly creature find its way to this historically significant location?

Congratulations on completing all 12 levels of What Is Wrong 2! By identifying each wrong item logically placed in the pictures, you have proven your observation skills and attention to detail. Enjoy the satisfaction of completing this challenging game and take pride in your ability to spot the smallest anomalies in each level's picture.


To play this game, simply operate the touch pad using your mouse.
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