What Is Wrong

Have you ever played an online game that challenges your sharpness and attention to detail? If not, get ready to immerse yourself in the captivating world of What Is Wrong. In this addictive game, each level presents you with a picture, and your task is to identify the one thing that logically shouldn't be there. With 12 intriguing levels to conquer, you'll put your observational skills to the ultimate test. So, let's dive in and start hunting for those out-of-place items!

Level 1: The serene park scene is disrupted by the presence of a UFO hovering in the sky. Keep your eyes peeled for any peculiar flying objects!

Level 2: A cozy living room hides an unexpected intruder – a penguin casually making itself at home. Penguins aren't usually found in people's homes, so spot this chilly interloper.

Level 3: In the bustling city street, you'll encounter a peculiar sight – a zebra crossing the road. Zebras are typically found in savannahs, not concrete jungles!

Level 4: A tranquil beach setting reveals a camel taking a leisurely stroll along the shoreline. Camels are desert dwellers, so finding one on the beach is truly bizarre.

Level 5: Amidst the lush forest, you'll encounter a misplaced penguin, seemingly lost in this green paradise. Penguins aren't known for their woodland adventures!

Level 6: A classic library scene is marred by a kangaroo casually browsing the bookshelves. This marsupial should stick to its natural habitat, not literary pursuits!

Level 7: An elegant dining room features an uninvited guest – a monkey swinging from the chandelier. Monkeys might enjoy mischief, but they don't belong in formal settings.

Level 8: A snowy mountain landscape surprises you with a palm tree, standing tall in the midst of the freezing cold. Palm trees usually thrive in tropical climates, not snowy peaks!

Level 9: A crowded subway station becomes even more chaotic when you spot a horse waiting for the next train. Horses are better suited to open fields than underground tunnels.

Level 10: A serene farm scene is disrupted by the presence of a penguin helping with the harvest. Penguins may be excellent swimmers, but they're not known for their farming skills!

Level 11: In a busy office setting, you'll find a penguin confidently operating a computer. Penguins may be adorable, but IT experts they are not!

Level 12: Finally, a spaceship floating in space catches your attention. Spaceships might be common in science fiction, but not in the vastness of outer space itself.

Congratulations! By identifying each misplaced item in all 12 levels of What Is Wrong, you've completed the game with flying colors. Your keen eye and attention to detail have been put to the test, and you've emerged victorious. So, take a moment to bask in your accomplishment, and perhaps challenge your friends to beat your record!

Remember, What Is Wrong is not just any ordinary online game; it's an opportunity to sharpen your observation skills and keep your mind engaged. So, dive back in, explore more levels, and continue honing your ability to spot the out-of-place. Happy gaming, and may you always find what's truly right!


To play this game, simply use your mouse to interact with the touch pad.
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