Wedding Battle Classic Vs Modern

Wedding Battle Classic VS Modern is a captivating, engaging and high-definition HTML5 game that brings the excitement of wedding planning to your fingertips. This game has it all – beautiful characters, eye-catching visual graphics, and two entirely diverse themes to explore! The goal is simple: to create and design the most fantastic wedding ceremonies using various elements inspired by classic or modern styles. Your creative skills are the only limits here!


When playing, Wedding Battle Classic VS Modern, you embark on a journey through two different wedding themes. After choosing your couple, you get to become their dedicated wedding planner. Whether it’s a classic dream wedding painted in romantic hues and vintage vibes or a trend-forward modern one bristling with edgy ornamental details and bold colors, the choice is all yours.

Both the classic and modern themes offer distinct features. Classic weddings are characterized by traditional lace long dresses and beautiful veils, a charming small gathering, a vintage car for the grand exit, and an adorable bouquet that perfectly matches the theme. The modern theme, on the other hand, features bold wedding dresses, stylish accessories, a large gathering complete with DJs and bands, fancy sport cars, and a unique floral arrangement that screams 21st century.

In this game, every design element matters; it is your task to ensure everything fits perfectly together. The more attention to detail you pay, the higher chance you have to win the Wedding Battle!

Modes of the Game:

Wedding Battle Classic vs Modern is decidedly interactive. It is designed with two principal modes of play;
  1. Single Player Mode: Designed for the lone player, this mode offers you a practice space to horn your designing skills against the Artificial Intelligence. Your task here is to score as many points as possible by meticulously managing every detail of your chosen wedding theme- from the nuptial dress, accessories, hairstyles, to the decorations and bouquet.
  2. Multiplayer Mode: Could anything be more fun than a challenge? In this mode, you can invite your friends for a friendly challenge or engage with random players worldwide. You’ll have to exercise your creativity, agility and strategy to outshine your opponents and win this Wedding Battle.


Designed with HTML5, this game is compatible across various platforms- from your PC, iPad, iPhone to other Android devices. A stable Internet connection is all you need to enjoy this game anywhere and anytime.

In conclusion:

Wedding Battle Classic Vs Modern is not just a simple game; it's an exhilarating journey that takes you through the vivid world of wedding plans infused with competitive fun elements. This HTML5 game is a must-try for the fashion enthusiasts and individuals who cherish both aesthetic excellence and strategic combat. So, roll up your sleeves, and may the best wedding style win!
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