The Box Box

The Box Box is an HTML5 puzzle solving game that will push your brain to the limit. Inspired by classics like Sokoban and Box World, the game features over 70 challenges with interactive objects such as tornadoes, portals, one-way passages, locks and keys, blocks, and barriers. These elements make the puzzles even more challenging and require you to think critically and logically.

The game mechanics go beyond simply pushing boxes. You'll need to interact with the scenario to remove barriers, open paths, and discover new ways to reach the desired location. Even when there seems to be no obvious solution, the game introduces surprising dynamics that will keep you engaged.

One of the main interactions in the game is with the boxes themselves. They need to be pushed to the indicated location, but you can only move one box at a time. This limitation adds an extra layer of strategy to the puzzles.

The tornado is another interesting element in the game. It pulls objects on top of itself and can be used to move boxes in directions that were previously not possible. This introduces a new dimension to the puzzles and requires you to think creatively.

One-way passages are another interactive object in the game. They allow the player and other objects to be moved only in the direction indicated by the arrow. Some one-way passages even change the allowable direction of movement whenever the player passes through them, adding another level of complexity to the puzzles.

Locks and keys are essential elements in the game. Locks prevent the passage of the player and any other object until they are unlocked using the corresponding key. This introduces a strategic element where you need to find and skillfully push the key to the lock to open the way to other parts of the scene.

Holes act as barriers in the scenario and prevent the player from passing until they are covered by another object. However, if you push a box into a hole, you can no longer retrieve it. This adds a risk-reward aspect to the game, as you need to carefully plan your moves to avoid getting stuck.

Blocks have a behavior similar to boxes and can be used by the player to help solve puzzles. They can cover other objects in the scene, such as tornadoes and holes, making it easier to move the player and boxes around.

Portals are magical objects that can teleport the player and other objects from one position to another. They are always connected, so there is always a round-trip through them. Portals are essential for solving puzzles where there is no direct path in the scene, but the solution is possible by teleporting to another location.

Your objective as a player is to solve all the puzzles and push the boxes to the marked locations. The game has a progression of difficulty, gradually increasing the complexity of the puzzles and requiring more advanced reasoning and puzzle-solving skills.

If you enjoy solving puzzles and exercising your brain, The Box Box is the perfect game for you. Get ready to have fun and test your logical thinking in this challenging and addictive HTML5 game. So, what are you waiting for? Let's play and see if you can conquer all the puzzles!


To move, use either the arrow keys or the W, A, S, and D keys. Press R to restart the current stage. Press ENTER to proceed to the next stage after completing the current one.
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