Snack Mahjong

Snack Mahjong: A Unique HTML5 Game Experience

Snack Mahjong is an exciting HTML5 game that combines the classic Mahjong gameplay with a snack-themed twist. In this game, your objective is to find a pair of identical images and clear the entire game field. However, there are certain obstacles and special blocks that add an extra level of challenge and strategy to the gameplay. Let's dive deeper into the mechanics and features of this entertaining game.


The main objective of Snack Mahjong is to clear the entire game field by matching pairs of identical images. Each level presents you with a grid filled with various snack-themed images, such as burgers, pizzas, ice cream cones, and more. Your task is to find two identical images that are not obstructed by any obstacles and connect them with a line. Once connected, the pair will be cleared from the board.


While searching for matching pairs, you will encounter different types of obstacles that can hinder your progress. The two most common obstacles are wooden boxes and steel blocks. Wooden boxes can be destroyed by clearing neighboring tiles, whereas steel blocks cannot be destroyed but can be moved around. It is crucial to plan your moves strategically to overcome these obstacles and successfully clear the game field.

Special Blocks

To add an extra layer of challenge and excitement, Snack Mahjong introduces special blocks that can move tiles around or along straight lines. These special blocks can be activated by connecting them with a pair of identical images. Once activated, they will either move nearby tiles or create a path for other tiles to slide along a straight line. Utilizing these special blocks strategically can help you solve complex puzzles and clear the game field more efficiently.

Strategy and Tips

To excel in Snack Mahjong, it is essential to adopt a strategic approach. Here are a few useful tips to improve your gameplay:
  1. Plan ahead: Take your time to analyze the game field and identify potential matches. Planning your moves in advance will prevent you from getting stuck later on.
  2. Prioritize obstacle removal: Focus on eliminating wooden boxes as early as possible. Clearing them will open up new pathways and create more opportunities for matches.
  3. Utilize special blocks wisely: Activate special blocks strategically to move tiles or create paths that connect hard-to-reach pairs. Timing and placement are key in maximizing their effectiveness.
  4. Clear the edges first: Start by clearing tiles along the edges of the game field. This will create more space and increase your chances of finding matches.
  5. Pay attention to the timer: Some levels in Snack Mahjong may have a time limit. Keep an eye on the timer and aim to complete the level within the given time for extra rewards.


Snack Mahjong is a unique HTML5 game that combines the addictive gameplay of Mahjong with snack-themed visuals and challenging mechanics. With its variety of obstacles, special blocks, and strategic gameplay, this game offers an engaging experience for players of all ages. So, put your puzzle-solving skills to the test and enjoy the delicious journey of Snack Mahjong!


To locate identical images and establish a connection between them, ensure there is a clear path between the two. Remember, you can navigate by either clicking directly on the object or selecting the adjacent tile.
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