Slap Contest

Welcome to the exciting world of Slap Contest, an online game that will test your reflexes and hand-eye coordination. In this game, your objective is simple - slap your opponent and advance to the next level.

To control your character, all you need to do is move left and right. Use the arrow keys or swipe on your device's screen to navigate your character's movements. As you get closer to your opponent, prepare for the perfect moment to strike!

To deliver a powerful slap, double tap the screen or press the spacebar on your keyboard. Timing is crucial, so make sure you time your slaps accurately to maximize their impact. Aim for your opponent's face for the most satisfying results!

In order to progress through the game, you must successfully land three slaps on your opponent. Each level presents a new challenge, with opponents becoming faster and more cunning. Stay focused and alert to outsmart your opponents and emerge victorious.

If you're looking for some friendly competition, Slap Contest also offers a 2P mode. Gather your friends and family and challenge them to a slapping showdown. See who has the quickest reflexes and the most precise slapping technique!

As you dive into the world of Slap Contest, remember to enjoy the game and have fun. The fast-paced gameplay and intense slapping action will keep you entertained for hours on end. Test your skills, improve your reflexes, and become the ultimate slapping champion!

So, what are you waiting for? Step into the ring, brace yourself, and get ready to deliver some thunderous slaps in the thrilling game of Slap Contest. May your slaps be swift, accurate, and victorious!


To move, use the arrows. Tap the right arrow twice to deliver a slap.
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