Prison Eskape

Prison Eskape is an exciting HTML5 game that offers 60 levels of challenging and addictive gameplay. In this physics puzzle game, players are tasked with the objective of removing all boxes except the grass where the prison is standing.

The gameplay mechanics are simple and intuitive. All you need to do is click or tap on the boxes or blocks to destroy them. However, be careful with your moves, as you need to strategically use the set blocks to safely guide the prisoner into the grass.

One of the great features of Prison Eskape is the option to reset each level if you make a wrong move. This allows players to experiment and find the most efficient solution to each puzzle. It's a game that encourages both critical thinking and creativity.

Each level presents a unique challenge, requiring you to think outside the box and find innovative ways to solve the puzzle. The game gradually increases in difficulty, ensuring that players are constantly engaged and entertained.

The graphics and animations in Prison Eskape are visually appealing and contribute to the overall immersive experience. The physics engine adds a realistic touch, making each movement and interaction feel authentic.

With its addictive gameplay, Prison Eskape offers hours of fun and entertainment. Whether you are a casual gamer looking to kill some time or a puzzle enthusiast seeking a mental challenge, this game is sure to captivate you.

So, put your problem-solving skills to the test and embark on a journey of escaping the prison in Prison Eskape. Can you find the solution to all 60 levels and enjoy the satisfaction of completing this physics puzzle game? Give it a try and find out!


Play with just a single tap/click!
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