Monsters Up

Unleashing Child-like Imagination with HTML5 Game 'Monsters Up': Jump, Collect and Balance your Way to Victory

Everyone loves a fun game to pass the time, either during a break from work or to keep the little ones entertained while you finish your errands. Online games have given us the opportunity to take gaming anywhere, anytime. One such game breaking the boundary is the HTML5 game 'Monsters Up'. It's a fun, addictive, and completely adorable game that's perfect for all ages. With cute graphics, exciting gameplay, and a unique concept, this game has quickly become a favorite among online gamers.

'All About Monsters Up'

Monsters Up is a beautiful HTML5 browser game developed by inlogic. The game encompasses the tale of adorable monsters eager to reach their home by jumping on fluctuating platforms. The aim is to help your tiny, monstrously cute avatar ascend by landing on different moving platforms while collecting stars. The further up you climb, the more difficult it becomes to balance and land safely, making the game progressively challenging.

Game Mechanics and Gameplay

The monsters in this game are goofy and colorful, each with its own distinct personality. To start playing, choose a monster avatar. The monster will continuously bounce up and down on the platform, enticing gamers into a gripping journey into the monster's world.

Monsters Up is a single-click game. This means that the player uses one button to control the monster's movements, making the game incredibly easy to play, but difficult to master. The platforms on which your monster bounces move left and right, creating an element of unpredictability and challenge.

Stars are scattered around the gaming environment: floating in the air, resting on platforms, hidden in secret places. These stars are a crucial resource that needs to be collected. Mastering the right combination of timing and precision will help you to collect stars, which enhances your monster's abilities helping it to balance better on moving platforms. Collecting stars also allows you to unlock new monster characters.

Scoring and Levels

The scoring of Monsters Up is based on the height and the number of stars collected. Your score increases as your monster ascends above the ground and collects stars. The score operates on a dynamic system replenishing with every successful move. The complexity grows as you play along, making the game an exciting challenge for even the most proficient of players.

In Monsters Up, levels don't exist in a traditional sense. Instead, each new platform presents a new challenge to the player. The game’s difficulty progressively increases with the speed of platform movement and the distance between them. This means your monster will have to jump higher and maintain balance on fast-moving platforms.

Graphics and Sound

What makes Monsters Up enchanting to players is the combination of captivating graphics and appealing sound effects. The game is dominated by bright, cheerful colors that add to the visual appeal. Each monster has a well-designed, distinct look that helps to keep players engaged. The goofy, light-hearted sound effects match the playful nature of the visual design and make the gameplay even more exciting.


The beauty of Monsters Up lies in its simplicity and accessibility. Its engaging gameplay, brightly colored graphics, and light-hearted sound effects make it a perfect game for both children and adults. Whether you're looking to keep your children entertained or seeking a fun, quick break from your daily tasks, Monsters Up has something to offer. So spend your leisure time navigating through this adventurous game, collecting stars, balancing on platforms, and be part of the extraordinary journey 'Monsters Up’. Happy gaming!


Press to jump in order to reach the next floor.
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