Internet and Gaming Cafe Simulator

Internet and Gaming Cafe Simulator is a virtual business simulation game that allows players to experience what it's like to run and manage their own internet cafe. The game provides players with the opportunity to design and decorate their cafe, expand their capacity to accommodate more customers, and earn money by providing various services to patrons.

In Internet and Gaming Cafe Simulator, players must carefully manage their resources and make strategic decisions to ensure the success of their business. This includes purchasing and upgrading computers, hiring staff, setting prices for services, and keeping customers happy. Players must also deal with various challenges such as computer malfunctions, power outages, and unruly customers.

One of the key aspects of the game is designing and decorating the cafe to create a welcoming and appealing environment for customers. Players can choose from a variety of furniture, decor, and equipment to customize their cafe to their liking. Creating a comfortable and visually appealing space can help attract more customers and increase revenue.

Expanding the capacity of the cafe is essential for increasing profits and accommodating a larger number of customers. Players can invest in additional computers, tables, and chairs to increase the seating capacity of the cafe. By expanding the capacity of the cafe, players can serve more customers simultaneously and generate more revenue.

Earning money in Internet and Gaming Cafe Simulator involves providing various services to customers, such as internet access, gaming stations, printing services, and refreshments. Players can set prices for these services and adjust them based on demand and competition. Offering high-quality services and competitive prices can help attract more customers and increase revenue.

Overall, Internet and Gaming Cafe Simulator offers players a realistic and immersive experience of running an internet cafe business. By carefully managing resources, making strategic decisions, and providing excellent customer service, players can build a successful and profitable business in the virtual world of the game.


  • Use the WASD keys to move around
  • Press E to interact with objects
  • Left-click to build or use objects
  • Right-click to throw objects
  • Press Space to exit from the admin's computer

Build Mode

  • Press T to sell an object
  • Press F to place an object
  • Press Q to rotate an object to the left
  • Press E to rotate an object to the right
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