Fruit Cutting

Fruit Cutting is an exciting HTML5 game that will awaken the fruit ninja within you. Prepare yourself for a thrilling experience as you slash through an immense amount of ripe fruits, aiming to score the maximum points in just thirty seconds. However, be careful not to hit the bomb, as it will end the game prematurely. Get ready to test your slicing skills and see how many fruits you can conquer in this fast-paced challenge.


The objective of Fruit Cutting is simple: slice as many fruits as possible within the given time limit. The game starts with a countdown of thirty seconds, during which a variety of fruits will appear on the screen. You must swiftly swipe your finger or mouse across the screen to cut the fruits into pieces. Each successful slice will earn you points, so aim for accuracy and speed.

Points and Scoring

The game rewards you with points for each fruit you successfully cut. The number of points you receive depends on the type of fruit and the accuracy of your slice. Slicing consecutive fruits without any misses will also grant you bonus points. The scoring system encourages players to achieve a high level of precision and maintain a steady rhythm while slicing through the fruits.


While slicing fruits, you must avoid hitting the bombs that occasionally appear on the screen. If you accidentally slice a bomb, the game will end immediately, regardless of the remaining time. It adds an element of risk and challenge to the gameplay, forcing you to be careful and strategic in your slicing movements. Stay focused and prioritize accuracy over speed to avoid hitting any bombs.

Power-ups and Special Fruits

To enhance your gameplay experience, Fruit Cutting offers various power-ups and special fruits. These special items can provide advantages such as slowing down time, increasing the size of fruits, or granting extra points. Keep an eye out for these power-ups as they can significantly boost your score and help you achieve a higher level of success.

Leaderboards and Competitions

Fruit Cutting incorporates a competitive element by including online leaderboards. After each game, your score will be recorded and compared to other players worldwide. Challenge yourself to climb the ranks and become the ultimate fruit-cutting champion. Compete with friends, colleagues, or other players from around the globe to showcase your slicing skills and achieve the highest score.


Fruit Cutting is an addictive HTML5 game that revives the excitement of the fruit ninja concept. With its fast-paced gameplay, challenging time limit, and the risk of hitting bombs, this game will test your reflexes, precision, and strategic thinking. Slice your way through a variety of fruits, aiming for the highest score possible within the given time. Keep an eye out for power-ups and special fruits to boost your performance. Compete against players worldwide and strive to top the leaderboards. Get ready to unleash your inner fruit ninja and embark on a thrilling slicing adventure in Fruit Cutting.
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