Forward rush

The Exciting and Fun HTML5 Shooting Game

Are you a fan of shooting games? Do you love the thrill of completing challenges and winning rewards? Then you have to try out Forward Rush, the latest HTML5 game that has been taking the gaming world by storm.

Forward Rush is a fun and exciting mobile game where players use a water gun to break wooden boxes and successfully reach the end of each level. With different challenges in every scene, the game guarantees hours of thrilling gameplay that will leave you wanting more.

The game is designed with eye-catching graphics that will keep you glued to your screen for hours. The levels are designed to test your skills, and as you progress, the challenges become tougher, making the game more exciting.

One of the unique aspects of Forward Rush is that it is an HTML5 game, making it accessible to players on any device. Whether you are using a smartphone, tablet, or computer, you can easily access the game and immerse yourself in the exciting world of shooting games.

The game is easy to play, and the controls are user-friendly, making it perfect for both kids and adults. All you have to do is aim and shoot your water gun at the wooden boxes to break them and reach the end of the level. The game is also timed, adding more pressure and making it even more challenging.

As you complete each level, you earn points, rewards, and bonuses, which you can use to upgrade your water gun and unlock new levels. The game is designed to keep you engaged and motivated, ensuring that you always come back for more.

In conclusion, Forward Rush is a fantastic HTML5 shooting game that offers hours of exciting gameplay. With its eye-catching graphics, user-friendly controls, and challenging levels, it's no surprise that it has become a favorite among gamers of all ages. So why not give it a try and see if you have what it takes to complete all the challenges and emerge victorious? Download Forward Rush today and join the millions of players already enjoying this amazing game.


To play the game, guide the character carrying the water tank using the arrow keys while the mouse controls left and right movements. Aim to shoot the wooden box filled with numbers in front of you as many times as possible to progress through the game and reach the end.
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