Escape From Glorious Village

Escape From Glorious Village: A Journey of Adventure and Puzzles

Escape From Glorious Village is an exciting HTML5 game developed by 8B Games/Games2Mad. In this point and click adventure, players find themselves trapped inside a forest house in a beautiful village. As the evening falls, the gate locks, leaving them with the challenge of finding hidden objects, clues, and solving number puzzles to escape. Get ready for an exhilarating journey filled with mystery and excitement!

The Mysterious Village

As you enter the village, you are captivated by its glorious beauty. The winding paths through the mountain and forest tempt you to explore. However, as the evening approaches, you find yourself trapped inside the forest house, the gate locked behind you. Determined to escape, you begin searching for a way out.

The Quest for Escape

Your quest for escape begins with a thorough search of the forest house. Look for hidden objects that may hold clues to unlock the gate. Pay attention to every detail, as even the smallest item could be the key to your freedom. Keep an eye out for numbers and symbols that might be part of the puzzles you encounter.

The Hidden Objects

Hidden objects are scattered throughout the forest house, waiting to be found. Carefully examine each room, inspecting furniture, paintings, and other objects. Some objects may be cleverly disguised, so be observant. Look for items such as keys, tools, and maps that may aid you in your escape.

The Clues

Clues are vital in solving the puzzles and unlocking the gate. Pay attention to the environment and search for hints that may be hiding in plain sight. Puzzles may require you to decipher codes, recall patterns, or solve riddles. Use your logical thinking and observation skills to unravel the mysteries of the glorious village.

The Number Puzzles

Number puzzles play a significant role in your escape. You may encounter combination locks, secret codes, or mathematical challenges that require you to think critically. Analyze the numbers you find and consider their relevance to the puzzles at hand. Remember, patience and perseverance are key to cracking these brain-teasing challenges.

The Race against Time

As the evening progresses, the urgency to escape intensifies. The beauty of the village turns into an eerie atmosphere, urging you to find a way out. Stay focused and determined, as every minute counts. Use your wits and skills to overcome obstacles and unlock the gate before it's too late.


Escape From Glorious Village is an immersive HTML5 game that combines adventure, puzzles, and a captivating storyline. Embark on a thrilling journey through a mysterious village, where your objective is to escape the forest house. By finding hidden objects, deciphering clues, and solving number puzzles, you will pave your way to freedom. Good luck, and may the glorious village reveal its secrets to you!
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