Count Masters: Crowd Clash & Stickman running game

Welcome to the vibrant, exciting, and engaging world of 'Count Masters: Crowd Clash & Stickman Running Game' – an HTML5 game that fuses adventure, strategy, and action into one epic gaming experience that you can play directly from your browser with no download required.

Concept & Gameplay

This game thrusts you into the heart of a dynamic and lively city reeling under the tyranny of the infamous 'Red Man Jimmy.' As a leader to the oppressed people of Blue Town, which is pelagued by Jimmys' activities causing pollution in their water & soil, your objective is more than just a quest for survival – it's a battle for freedom and justice!

The game primarily revolves around recruiting citizens, clashing against Red Man Jimmy's horde, and running towards the castle, all while navigating through myriad obstacles that test your planning, timing, and strategy. The narrative contributes to its captivating appeal, driving players to assemble the biggest crowd possible and use the inherent power of unity and resistance to emerge victorious.

Design & Graphics

Count Masters has an appealing, colorful and eye-catching design. Being an HTML5 game, it works seamlessly on different platforms without compromising on the graphics or the gameplay. The character models of stickmen are minimalist yet detailed, and the town is vividly portrayed with a pleasing color palette that differentiates between the blue and red forces. Every level unfolds in different settings - city squares, agricultural fields, the polluted banks of the river - further adding to the visual experience of the game.

Controls & Level Progression

The game features easy-to-use controls as your primary control is to guide your crowd of stick figures into gathering more people and defending against attacks from the Red Man Jimmy's crowd. The levels are designed with progressive difficulty, ensuring that players always face a new challenge pushing them to strategize better to overcome the enemies. Each level's successful completion rewards players with virtual game currency and other power-ups, which can enhance the player's crowd capabilities, providing them with an edge over the mighty adversaries they face.

Fun & Educational Elements

What sets 'Count Masters: Crowd Clash & Stickman Running Game' apart from other games in the market is its underlying message of unity and the importance of environment conservation. Apart from offering hours of relentless, mind-engaging fun, the game subtly educates young minds about the dire consequences of pollution on our environment and the power of unity, thereby adding an educational twist to its gameplay experience.


Your quest in Count Masters is the portrayal of an everyday hero rising against an oppressor, striving to bring justice and balance to their community. It is a clarion call for strategic maneuvers, rapid reflexes, and sheer concentration, all bottled into a colorful, vibrant, eventful and interactive gaming experience. The HTML5 based game design means that this gaming experience is accessible to everyone, across multiple platforms, ensuring you can play whenever and wherever you want. 'Count Masters: Crowd Clash & Stickman Running Game' is truly an amalgamation of fun, learning and adventure, framed into a virtual world of epic proportion. Hold your breath, ready your forces, and join the march against the Red Man Jimmy!
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