Clash Of Armour

Built for the strategically-minded and those lovers of battle games, Clash of Armour is a tactical game that transports players into a war zone where each decision holds potential victory or defeat. In this riveting game, the battlefields are fired up with heavy artillery from armour-clad tanks, each having its own strengths and weaknesses.

Game Overview:

Clash of Armour is a strategy game where players meet in a battle to destroy each other's bases. It brings two opponents together, each with an armada of tanks. The player's goal is to strategically place these tanks on the battlefield to ultimately overpower their opponent and destroy their base.

As you continue to play the game, you'll come to appreciate its depths. It's not a simple game of chance. The success of your battles depends on a careful understanding of each tank's capabilities, quick decision-making, and keen strategic planning. Each tank boasts of three primary attributes: cost, speed, and power. Recognizing how these attributes can work together will give you the edge you need to claim victory from your opponent.


The user-friendly interface of Clash of Armour adds to its appeal. The game begins by presenting you with your base on one side and your opponent's base on the other. You’ll see two energy bars positioned at the bottom of your screen. One bar is for your base’s remaining energy while the other represents your current energy used for deploying tanks on the battlefield.

As you progress, you earn more energy to deploy more tanks. Each tank has its energy cost. The bigger and stronger the tank, the more energy required to deploy it. It's important to know when to send out your smaller tanks and when to save your energy to release your heavy hitters.

Also, you must beware of your base's energy bar. Each hit your base takes, whether it's from a small tank or a missile, reduces your base energy. When your base energy bar falls to zero, your base is destroyed, and the game is over.

Game's Features:

One notable feature of Clash of Armour is its variety of tanks. The game features over seven different types of tanks, from the fast and agile Scout tank to the heavy-hitting Mammoth tank.

Additionally, the game offers opportunities to upgrade your tanks, making them even more potent and durable. This progress system helps keep the gameplay engaging and addictive as players always have something new to work toward.

The array of strategic options in Clash of Armour is also commendable. Players can choose to go on the offensive, sending out tank after tank until their opponent's base is bombarded into oblivion. Alternatively, players can adopt a defensive approach, waiting for the enemy to make their move before unleashing their armoured forces.

Here are some tactical tips that would prove helpful:
Quickly deploying your low-cost tanks to put pressure on your enemy is a good start, but don't forget to save your energy for a sudden blitz attack with your heavy tanks.
Always be aware of your base's energy level. It would be a fatal mistake to let your enemy drain your base energy bar completely.
Use a combination of fast and slow tanks to throw off your opponent’s strategy. A consistent speed will make it easier for your enemies to plan their attacks.
Take the time to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each tank. They may look similar, but each one can turn the tide of the battle in its unique way.
Finally, adopt a fluid strategy. It's important to stick with a plan, but be ready and willing to adapt if your opponent throws a curveball.

Clash of Armour is a captivating game, especially for those who enjoy testing their strategic mettle. Its simple yet alluring gameplay mechanics, various tank options, and energetic battle scenes stir up a perfect storm of fascination and strategy. It is a promising HTML5 game that prompts players to think, strategize, and rethink strategies to come out on top. It's not just a battle game—it’s a clash of minds, strategies, and the will to win. Have you geared up for the battle? The tanks are waiting!
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