Become a Dentist

In Become a Dentist, you are no longer the patient but the one in control. You get to experience the thrill of being a dentist and make crucial decisions to ensure your patients' oral health and happiness. This HTML5 game offers a unique and immersive experience like no other.

The game starts with a virtual waiting room filled with patients eagerly waiting for your expertise. Each patient has a different dental problem that requires your attention. From simple cleanings to complex extractions, you have the power to transform their lives one tooth at a time.

As a dentist, you'll have access to a wide variety of tools and instruments. From dental mirrors and probes to drills and braces, you'll need to choose the right tools for each procedure. The game accurately simulates the procedures, ensuring that every move you make feels realistic.

Patients will come with different levels of anxiety and pain tolerance. Some may be terrified of dental treatments, while others may be calmer or even excited. It's your job to create a comfortable and stress-free environment for your patients. You can use laughing gas or play soothing music to help calm their nerves during the procedures.

In addition to providing standard dental treatments, you'll also have access to cosmetic dentistry options. Patients may come to you with stained teeth, gaps, or misaligned bites. You can perform teeth whitening, cosmetic bonding, or even recommend braces or Invisalign for those in need of straightening their teeth.

The game's user-friendly interface allows you to navigate through different rooms equipped with dental chairs, X-ray machines, and sterilization stations. You'll also have access to patients' records, including medical history and treatment plans, so you can provide personalized care. Make sure to manage your time efficiently to see as many patients as possible and maximize your virtual dental practice's success.

Throughout the game, you'll face challenges and emergencies that require quick thinking and precision. A patient might experience a sudden toothache or a broken crown while in your chair. You must act swiftly to provide immediate relief and resolve the issues effectively.

While the game focuses on fun and entertainment, it also emphasizes the importance of dental hygiene and oral health. Players will learn about proper brushing techniques, cavity prevention, and the impact of diet on dental health. This educational aspect adds value to the game, making it perfect for both entertainment and learning.

Whether you aspire to be a dentist in real life or simply enjoy simulating unique experiences, Become a Dentist is the game for you. Showcase your skills, creativity, and empathy as you bring smiles to your virtual patients' faces. Who knows, maybe this game will even inspire a future generation of dentists!

So, put on your white coat, grab your dental tools, and get ready to embark on an exciting journey through the world of dentistry. It's time to become the dentist you've always dreamed of being!


Welcome to the dental clinic! As a dentist, you will be utilizing a range of professional tools to treat your patient. Please ensure that you follow the correct sequence of steps in order to effectively care for your patient's teeth. The successful outcome of your patient's dental health lies entirely in your capable hands. Now, it's your turn to take charge and begin the treatment!
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