Bachelor VS Cupidon

In the online game Bachelor VS Cupidon, players are thrown into an epic battle between a bachelor and Cupid himself. As a player, you will take the side of the bachelor and engage in a thrilling fight against Cupid and his army of little Cupids armed with love arrows.

To control your bachelor, you can use the A and D keys on your keyboard to move left and right. Additionally, your mouse will allow you to aim and shoot socks at the attacking Cupids. Your objective in this game is to survive without falling in love or getting married for as long as possible.

As you successfully eliminate the Cupids, you will be rewarded with falling beers from the sky. These beers represent your lives, so be sure to collect them. However, beware of the love arrows shot by the Cupids, as they can deplete your lives.

The game offers an exciting and challenging experience, testing your reflexes and aiming skills. It is up to you to dodge the arrows and take down as many Cupids as possible to prolong your bachelor's single life.

So, do you think you have what it takes to hold up against Cupid's relentless attacks? Step into the shoes of the bachelor and embark on this incredible adventure. Enjoy the thrill of the game and aim for the highest score, proving that you can resist love's grasp. Get ready for an addictive and entertaining gaming experience in Bachelor VS Cupidon!


To control the Hero, either touch the arrow on the screen or use the A and D keys on the keyboard. Tap on the screen to shoot. Maneuver the Hero, gather bonuses, and steer clear of Cupidon's arrows. Have fun playing the games!
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