Baby Hazel Goes Sick

Baby Hazel Goes Sick: An Interactive HTML5 Game for Kids

Step into the world of Baby Hazel, a cheerful and adorable little girl who always wakes up early in the morning. However, today is different. As the bright sun shines outside, Baby Hazel is still fast asleep. Something seems amiss – it appears that she is not feeling well. Oh no! Baby Hazel has high fever, accompanied by a nasty cold and cough. In this HTML5 game, you are invited to join Baby Hazel and her family on a journey to seek medical aid. Get ready to embark on a fun and educational adventure!

The Story:

The game begins with the scene of Baby Hazel's room. You will see Baby Hazel lying in bed, looking pale and tired. Her mother, Mrs. White, is worried and calls for your help. Your task is to assist Baby Hazel's family in taking care of her and getting her the necessary medical attention. The game is designed to promote empathy, problem-solving skills, and knowledge about health and wellness.

Step 1: Rush to the Doctor

As the concerned caregiver, your first task is to rush Baby Hazel to the doctor's clinic. You will guide her through the clinic, interacting with different characters and objects along the way. The HTML5 game provides an immersive experience, allowing you to click on different items to trigger actions and obtain information. The colorful graphics and engaging animations make the journey exciting and enjoyable.

Step 2: Medical Aid

Once you reach the doctor's clinic, you will meet Dr. Roberts, a friendly and experienced physician. Dr. Roberts will examine Baby Hazel and provide a diagnosis. As the game progresses, you will learn about common symptoms of fever, cold, and cough. The interactive elements allow you to actively participate in the medical examination, such as measuring Baby Hazel's temperature and listening to her breathing with a stethoscope.

Step 3: Treatments and Remedies

After the diagnosis, Dr. Roberts will prescribe a treatment plan for Baby Hazel. You will learn about different medications and home remedies that can help alleviate her symptoms. The HTML5 game incorporates educational information about the importance of rest, hydration, and good hygiene practices during illness. As you guide Baby Hazel through her recovery, you will have the opportunity to engage in mini-games that reinforce these concepts.

Step 4: Care and Compassion

Throughout the game, you will witness Baby Hazel's family members, including her mother, father, and grandmother, showering her with love and care. This emphasizes the importance of emotional support and nurturing during illness. The game aims to cultivate empathy and understanding among young players, encouraging them to extend kindness and compassion towards others in need.


Baby Hazel Goes Sick is not just an ordinary HTML5 game – it is an interactive and educational experience that teaches children about health, empathy, and problem-solving. By guiding Baby Hazel through her journey of illness and recovery, players will gain valuable knowledge about common ailments and effective remedies. This game serves as a delightful and informative tool for parents, teachers, and caregivers to engage children in meaningful play while imparting essential life lessons. So, let's join Baby Hazel and her family in their quest to restore her health and well-being!
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