Baby Hazel Dinosaur Park

Exploring Prehistoric Adventures: Baby Hazel Dinosaur Park

Welcome to the adventurous world of Baby Hazel, where today she embarks on an exciting journey to the Dinosaur Park. Accompanied by her cousins, Hazel is in for a holiday treat filled with thrilling activities and surprising gifts. Get ready to join the little explorers as they immerse themselves in a world where dinosaurs come to life, and fun-filled games await around every corner.

A Mesmerizing Welcome

As Baby Hazel and her cousins step into the Dinosaur Park, they are greeted by a life-size T-Rex that roars and moves, leaving the children amazed. The park is divided into different zones, each offering a unique experience and an abundance of activities to engage the young adventurers.

The Dino Discovery Zone

In this zone, Baby Hazel and her cousins get the chance to become paleontologists. Equipped with brushes and tools, they participate in a dinosaur excavation where they unearth fossils and learn interesting facts about various species. This hands-on experience sparks their curiosity and helps them understand the significance of these magnificent creatures.

The Dino Rides Zone

The excitement soars as the children enter the Dino Rides Zone. Here, they hop on the backs of gentle, animatronic dinosaurs and embark on an unforgettable ride through prehistoric landscapes. Baby Hazel and her cousins feel like they have traveled back in time as they witness the breathtaking beauty of the ancient world.

The Dino Adventure Zone

In this zone, Hazel and her cousins engage in thrilling virtual reality experiences. They put on VR headsets and find themselves surrounded by dinosaurs, allowing them to interact with these majestic creatures in a safe and controlled environment. This zone not only provides entertainment but also fosters learning and imagination.

The Dino Games Zone

Ready for some friendly competition, Baby Hazel and her cousins head to the Dino Games Zone. Here, they participate in interactive games such as dinosaur puzzles, memory challenges, and obstacle courses. These games not only test their skills but also enhance their cognitive abilities and problem-solving aptitude.

The Dino Souvenir Zone

No visit to the Dinosaur Park is complete without some souvenirs! At the Souvenir Zone, Baby Hazel and her cousins explore a wide range of dinosaur-themed merchandise. From plush toys to educational books, they can bring a piece of their adventure home and continue their fascination with dinosaurs even after leaving the park.


The Baby Hazel Dinosaur Park offers an unforgettable holiday treat for children and their families. Through engaging activities, educational experiences, and thrilling adventures, this HTML5 game enables young minds to explore the wonders of the prehistoric world. Join Baby Hazel and her cousins as they embark on a journey filled with excitement, learning, and a whole lot of fun!
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