Attack On The Fatboy

In the engaging online game 'Attack On The Fatboy,' players are presented with a thrilling battle scenario between two unique robots, each armed with their own distinct weapons. The objective is simple: choose the robot closest to you and engage in an intense battle. While the armor of these robots is equally strong, their weapons differ significantly. The blue robot is equipped with energy weapons, while the red robot wields a formidable laser sword. Additionally, both robots possess a range of superpowers that can only be activated once the energy blocks, located in the lower right corner of the screen, are fully charged.

The blue robot's energy weapons provide a distinct advantage in long-range combat. These powerful weapons unleash devastating energy blasts capable of inflicting significant damage to the opponent. By strategically utilizing the blue robot's energy weapons, players can maintain a safe distance from adversaries while unleashing a barrage of attacks, gradually wearing down their opponent's armor.

On the other hand, the red robot's laser sword offers a more close-quarters combat experience. This formidable weapon allows players to engage in swift and precise strikes, swiftly overwhelming opponents in close combat scenarios. The laser sword's ability to slice through even the most robust defenses ensures that players who favor the red robot can dominate battles in tight spaces and quickly dismantle their adversaries.

Both robots possess superpowers that can turn the tide of battle. However, these powers can only be accessed once the energy blocks in the lower right corner of the screen are fully charged. It is crucial for players to strategize and manage their energy levels efficiently to unleash these powerful abilities at the most opportune moments.

The blue robot's superpowers are centered around harnessing energy. Upon activation, this robot can unleash a devastating energy wave that engulfs the battlefield, damaging any opponents caught within its radius. Additionally, the blue robot can temporarily enhance its energy weapons, increasing their damage output and range, allowing for even more efficient long-range assaults.

Conversely, the red robot's superpowers revolve around agility and speed. When activated, the red robot gains a temporary boost in speed, allowing for lightning-fast strikes that catch opponents off guard. Furthermore, the red robot possesses the ability to generate an energy shield, momentarily providing an additional layer of defense against incoming attacks.

To emerge victorious in 'Attack On The Fatboy,' players must carefully choose the robot that best aligns with their preferred playstyle and battle strategy. Whether opting for the blue robot's long-range energy weapons or the red robot's close-combat laser sword, mastering the utilization of each robot's unique abilities is essential. By strategically managing the energy blocks and effectively deploying superpowers, players can dominate the battlefield and emerge as the ultimate champion in this thrilling online game.


The blue robot is equipped with energy weapons and has the ability to shoot them, while the red robot wields a laser sword. Both robots possess multiple extraordinary abilities.
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