ASMR Washing & Fixing

In the online game ASMR Washing & Fixing, players are immersed in a realistic 3D cleaning experience unlike any other. Unlike traditional 2D cleaning games, this game offers a unique level of depth and realism that truly sets it apart.

At the start of the game, players have the option to choose from a variety of cool tools to use for cleaning. Whether it's a sponge, a mop, or a vacuum, each tool offers a different experience for players to enjoy.

With 5 levels to choose from, players can select a level and begin their cleaning adventure. From washing dishes to fixing broken appliances, each level presents a new challenge for players to tackle.

Players have the freedom to move their position within the game world, allowing for a more interactive and immersive experience. By clicking on buttons on the screen or using the keyboard, players can easily navigate through the game and use their chosen cleaning tool to complete tasks.

Overall, ASMR Washing & Fixing offers a unique and engaging gameplay experience for players looking to immerse themselves in the world of cleaning. With its realistic 3D graphics and interactive gameplay mechanics, this game is sure to provide hours of entertainment for players of all ages.


PC: Use your mouse to click and drag in order to play.

Mobile: Tap and slide your finger to play.
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